Which Shamanic Healing Technique is Right For Me?


People seek shamanic healing because they have a sense that something is wrong. Or perhaps they notice the same events happening over and over for no known reason and the pattern is clear. For some, they've tried everything else.

The Helping Spirits Decide

Usually, we don't know what shamanic healing techniques to choose; we only know that something is wrong. In each shamanic healing session, I journey to the Helping Spirits to ask what is happening and how to treat it. Neither of us needs to know in advance what to choose!


We examine the influence of ALL of the Fields to see what is required.

You may already have a sense of what you need. Perhaps you've read about Soul Retrieval and while reading, you felt the pull of that missing inner part of you. Maybe you remembered an event after which you were never the same again. Maybe there is a story in your family of someone cursing an ancestor, or cursing the family. Perhaps your luck has always been bad in a particular part of your life.


Whatever your inner knowing is, trust that, as strange as it may seem. Your knowing is always the best starting point. I use a combination of shamanic work and constellations to find a solution for you.

Some common shamanic healing techniques and the reasons You Might seek them out

  • Soul Retrieval for when you have a sense that something is 'missing'
  • Energetic Clearing and Unraveling for when patterns repeat for no apparent reason
  • Constellation and Ancestral Healing for when patterns repeat across generations
  • Compassionate Spirit Clearing for when paranormal things happen around you

This list and these techniques are not hard and fast. Each client and each case is unique. We must find out the root causes before we act.

For whatever reason you have looked into shamanic healing, trust that your healing is already underway. By asking for healing, the door opens and healing begins. Asking is step number one. Trust the compassionate Helping Spirits to help you find your healing.