Seeing Hidden Dynamics in Family System Field

"Constellations begin with the premise that when someone says, "I have a problem that I cannot overcome," the frame of the problem is too narrow to contain the solution. They aim to widen the frame by asking, "Whose problem was it before it was yours? Whose wounded heart are you carrying in your heart?"

Dan Booth Cohen

Constellations look at two questions. Firstly, what entangles one family member in the fate of another and what might resolve this entanglement? Secondly, what is needed to support a free flow of love? These basic questions unfold in a multitude of different ways in constellation work.

The answers are not sought at the personal, autonomous level of one individual, but in the interconnected relationships of family and society, and the events that influence them. The focus, of course, is always on love.

          Jakob Schneider, "Family Constellations: Basic Principles and Procedures" pp 33-34


Organizational Constellations bring to light the hidden dynamics in non-family human systems. Businesses around the world use organizational constellations to test new products against consumer subsets, choose fonts, colors and styles and other design decisions for branding, and to check price points for products and services.

Nature Constellations highlight the dyanmics of natural systems, and in the dance between humans and environmental systems.

Family Constellations is the only known modality that addresses and treats trans-generational issues and entanglements. Here is a short talk by Shavasti about the trans-generational effects of the lives of our Ancestors on us today.

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Certified as a Systemic Constellations Facilitator by Francesca Mason Boring of All My Relations Constellations, I offer Family ConstellationsOrganizational and Business Constellations and Nature Constellations. Systemic and Family Constellations is the life work of Bert Hellinger, psychotherapist, and others.