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Restoring Hidden Vitality

What is Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval?

Indigenous shamans know that in times of stress, injury, or deep grief, parts of our vital soul essence leaves us. For the indigenous person, this is a grave emergency requiring action. For us, this grave state may linger for years. Here is a short article about indigenous perspective of spiritual illness.

People who have experienced soul loss often have a sense of something missing. They may be grieving a loss that they cannot seem to get over. They might notice that an event marked distinct "before" and "after" states in their life.

'Lost' or 'missing' soul essence is in a place we cannot reach. It is as if those parts of us are 'stuck' in the wounding moment still.  

Sandra Ingerman is a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist living in the US. She has made Soul Retrieval her life's work. Sandra says that when there is soul loss, a client may not get traction for healing an issue until the soul parts return. Knowing that part of us is still stuck in the wounding moment, this makes sense. The soul parts hold the key to healing.

jeffrey rich shamanic healing soul retrieval asheville weaverville burnsville nc.png

The Soul Retrieval Session

Soul Retrieval is the shamanic healing ceremony of finding this vital essence and bringing it back. 

Two different students of Sandra Ingerman taught me Soul Retrieval. Human and Spirit teachers have taught me additional practices to augment the Soul Retrieval process. Sometimes I use a combination of ceremony and constellation together.

Each retrieval is unique. There is no way to know in advance how this may unfold for you.

In Soul Retrieval ceremony, I journey into the spiritual realms to find your missing vital essence. If this essence is a soul part, it likely holds memories. It almost certainly holds essential strengths and abilities.

In ceremony, the Helping Spirits show us the story of why and how this vital essence left you. They also show us what we need to do to get it back again. There is often unfinished business that you and the soul part must attend to before the retrieval is possible. The Spirits show us what is necessary to keep soul parts here after they return.

I use my breath to move your soul energies back into your energy body. This is a traditional way of returning soul essence. I may blow them into the crown of your head, into the base of your neck, or maybe into your heart center. The Spirits sometimes ask me to blow your soul parts back in through another way. Whatever they say, I do.

Sometimes a Power Animal or other Helping Spirit comes to help you re-integrate your vitality. This re-integration happens in the months after the retrieval ceremony. This is your integration time. Whichever method of retrieval I have used, we speak the strengths and abilities your soul parts return to you. This part of the ceremony is important. We must understand the gifts we have received.

During your integration time you might feel a little 'sloshy.' Your energies have changed. This balances quickly. During this time, I ask you to greet your returned soul parts and to thank them for returning. I ask you to do this daily until you feel complete. This helps anchor the soul parts and helps them feel safe and welcomed. Sandra and others have found that this may take up to six months or even more. We wait for the time of integration to complete before we do another Soul Retrieval.

You may also see Soul Retrieval called

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Soul Renewal
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • Essence Retrieval

Whatever the name, Soul Retrieval is a beautiful healing ceremony.