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Creating Space for Vitality to Flow In

Clearing unhelpful energies from your energy system improves your experience of daily life. Clearing unhelpful energies from work spaces and living spaces also makes a difference.

The Need For Clearing

We are energetic beings, porous and penetrable. Because of this, we resonate with the energies in our surroundings. Our surroundings tend to gather and hold energies that are not always beneficial to us.

This is normal, yet not desirable. Energy fields come from a variety of sources. The unfinished business of our ancestors. Judgments and negativity from others. Expectations. Geopathic stresses. Even the energies of past events in a building and on the land, to name a few.

Clearing Energies Comes in Many Forms

Removing unhealthy energies falls into one of two categories of shamanic work:

Clearing can immediately improve your living experience and allow you have more ease and peace of mind.

Clearing Personal Energies

I invite you to read this interview with my teacher, Betsy Bergstrom. It is a beautiful article on how we become attached to and affected by energies.

Here is an article about possession sickness after the Japan tsunami in 2011, and its clearing.

Clearing personal energies isn't all darkness, however. Simple clearings lift moods, bring you clarity, and ease minor body aches that seem to never go away. There are simple and complex clearings for energies that lodge in our bodies.

Space Clearing

Clearing the Energies of Places

Clearing unhelpful energies of places and anchoring pristine energies improves your day-to-day experience in that place. Space Clearing combines the art of placement with energetic work of clearing unhelpful energies from buildings and land.

Living spaces benefit from periodic clearings. Like a Spring Cleaning, you will notice a much brighter and happier place to spend your daily time.

Factors Which Influence Energy Clearing

Inherent Quality of a Place

It may be difficult or impossible to change the basic character of the land. Land influences everything that goes on inside the building that sits on it. Imprints of land can play a huge role in difficult energetic experiences. Imprints from previous events influence the energies a space can maintain. This can take more serious intervention to smooth out. Land imprints may or may not be changeable.

Proximity to Other Energetic Influences

I once had an office on the second floor of a large medical facility. There were people below me, above me, and people all around me. They were all in various states of anxiety about their health, all day, every day. I worked hard each day to clear and maintain the energies in this office. It was literally suspended in the middle of a thick soup of difficult energies. In this case, the land helped. Once farm land, the land spirits contributed what they could. Yet even under these conditions and despite my best efforts, my office would not hold good, clear energies.

Geometry and Layout

Spaces and buildings with simple geometry are easiest to clear and to maintain. Complex shapes or places with twisting hallways clear less easily. As mentioned above, the land that a building sits on has something to do with this. Some places clear very easily. Others just can't seem to hold a good energy field at all. I use a wide variety of methods to determine whether a space can be cleared and how well it may hold new energy patterns.

Imprints Of Past Times

"What came before" affect the current state of a space. We harmonize this whenever possible. 

Who Else Is Living Here?

We live in multi-dimensional reality, sharing space with many other kinds of Beings. Space Clearing involves bringing harmony to these living situations.

I use multi-dimensional clearing methods in my work. Each clears out old, stagnant energies and anchors pristine and vital energies of blessing. As I work, I can teach you some simple clearing methods so that you can help keep your space sparkling with vitality.

If you feel that your living or working space could use some clearing, contact me and let me take a look. It could be that the daily experience of your place can be greatly improved!