Prayer to Meet Spirit Everywhere

Great Spirit you are everywhere
I feel you deep within my heart
I am inside you and experiencing you
Like a flame of light coursing through me

I meet you in this tree
I see you in this cloud
I feel you in this breeze,
I smell you in the fragrance of this flower

You are everywhere I go
Everywhere I stop to rest
I visit you in sleep and in dreams
I visit with you in friends

I pet you in this fur
I eat you in this fruit
I lie on you in this meadow
I climb on you on this mountain

I walk in you in this forest
You are always with me
And I am always your manifestation
Playing, working, studying, resting

I sense you inside me
An expanding light intensifying
Deep within my meditation, I feel you
Deeper into silence you penetrate my heart

You filter through my cells and atomic structure
You are golden light sweeping through me
You fuel me and bring brilliance to my awareness
You flood me with beauty and vitality

And I become these gifts you give me
For I am within you and you are within me
I feel your blessings everywhere
I am truly eternally blessed.

-- Unknown. If you know the author of this poem, please let me know so that I can give proper attribution.