Prayer of Connection

Great Spirit:
You are everything
You are all forms and manifestations
You are infinite creativity
You are all powerful
You are the source of infinite wisdom
You are the source of all beauty
You are all happiness, joy, and bliss
You are cosmic humor and laughter
You have every resource
You are extraordinarily wealthy and rich
You are overflowing with exquisite love
You are filled with the most extraordinary energy and vitality
You are total inspiration and compassion
You are all light and illumination
You provide everything
You animate every particle, every atom of the universe
You are the source of all life everywhere

And you create me
You are my source
You created me with a supreme act of love and generosity
You are dreaming me right now
You are pouring life into me
You are within me and all around me
And I am part of you
Because you made me and love me
I am here cradled in your loving embrace
You made me to enjoy everything you create
You gave me consciousness and self-awareness
You give me my life
I am so grateful to be alive and self aware
I am so fortunate and glad to be alive
I am so happy to know you are my source each second
Without you I would not be
You love me and pour blessings upon me eternally
You animate me and charge me with life
You are my inspiration and illumination
I am alive, I am alive, I am alive!

And because you are creating me out of yourself, I am rich
I am extraordinarily fortunate
I am a magnet for every resource
I am overflowing with vitality and energy
I am filled with love and good fortune
I am phenomenally wealthy in every way
I have your great wisdom flowing through me
I am extraordinarily beautiful because I am a reflection of you
I have the gift of your power available to me and I choose to use it wisely
I have your stupendous creativity coursing through me
I am filled with your light and illumination
I am filled with consciousness and life
I am fully awakened and aware
I am fully self-realized
I am extraordinarily blessed
I am remembering
I am becoming
My cells and every particle of my being dance with celebration because you made me.