As human beings we have the gift and the curse of free will to make endless choices. Sometimes our choices bring about great suffering and sometimes great joy. Often we are unconscious about eh choices we are making. Sometimes our choices happen by default. By refusing to actively choose, we end up with less than happy results. That is still a choice so there is no escape. To become powerful it is best to consciously choose the state of mind that we with to live. Here is a prayer that I have used to assist me in that process:

Prayer of Choice

Great Spirit
I choose to be awake
I choose to remember who I am
I choose to remember you
I choose to love
I choose peace
I choose happiness
I choose bliss
I choose to be generous
I choose to celebrate
I choose power, vitality, and health
I choose to use your resources to benefit the world
I choose to be wise
I choose to be beautiful and youthful
I choose to see your beauty in everything
I choose prosperity and success
I choose to align myself with your grand dream
I choose to persevere in knowing you
I to make you my guiding light
I choose light and radiance
I choose healing and wholeness
I choose clarity and focus
I choose to make the right choice
I choose your way, your path, the path with heart