a 1-day shamanic training workshop

This is a beginning shamanic workshop
Helpful, but not required: basic shamanic journey skills and good working relationship with your helping spirits.

This workshop gives you new tools to help you work more closely with the helping spirits and provides new insights into the ways in which you experience the energies of the world around you.  Using traditional mediumistic techniques, you will learn a method of safe conscious mediumship to help you develop and use your innate abilities to connect with compassionate deities, nature spirits and to connect more deeply with your own helping spirits.

Working with powerful compassionate Deities and spirits is an excellent and unique way to receive deep wisdom and insight into the issues and problems of daily living.  Learning to safely embody compassionate beings is also a beautiful way to strengthen and refine one's energy body, and gives new ways to connect with the energies of the world around us.

Note: This workshop does not teach the advanced skills necessary to communicate with the spirits of the dead.  That advanced practice is well beyond the scope of this course.

In this course you will learn

  • Methods of Energetic Protection while working with Mediumship
  • Strengthening our connection to our True Selves
  • Techniques for conscious mediumship with compassionate Deities
  • Information on how you process and perceive energies in the world around you
  • More control over when and how you receive spiritual and intuitive energy input
  • New ways of being and perceiving the world