Introduction to Seidr, Norse Divination and Mysticism

Song, Staff, Seat and Spirits

a 2-day workshop

This is an advanced shamanic workshop
Prerequisites: basic shamanic journey skills and good working relationship with your helping spirits.

This is an advanced workshop requiring solid shamanic journey skills and a good working relationship with your helping spirits.

Seidr, the Norse system of divinatory and healing magic, was written about in the Icelandic Sagas a thousand years ago. Using shamanic methods, we can access many of these ancient Seidr techniques using a staff and powered by song to connect with the helping spirits.

In this weekend you will explore a truly Northern European magical system that is an authentic lineage of shamanism for those of Northern European descent. We will explore some of the techniques written about in the sagas, and we will end our weekend with a ceremony of oracular divination, sometimes referred to as the High Seat, or Oracular Seidr. This ceremony is described in greatest extant detail in the saga of Eirik the Red, chapter 4.

For further information about the history of seidr and its modern reconstruction around the world, here is a link to an excellent article on the legacy of seidr by Danish seidr teacher Annetta Host who teaches seidr techniques and has been researching this powerful form of shamanism for over 25 years.