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Can I Receive Massage Every Day?

How Often You Receive Massage depends on your individual personal wellness goals. It also depends on what is happening in your body and in your daily life.


Bob Hope received a massage every day for 63 years. Massage was so important to him that he traveled with his own massage therapist. He was never without massage when he needed it.

You can receive light Swedish Massage every day, if you want. Provided that your Circulatory System and your Lymphatic System are healthy and up to the task. If medical treatment or to a natural condition has reduced your Lymphatic System capacity, we will work together to find your healthy interval of receiving massage.

There is no set formula for how often you should receive a massage. Daily massage may or may not be the right interval for you!

Frequency of Massage for Stress Management

Stress management is about increasing your amount of stress relief, the outlets for stress. Massage is a great way to shed stress! And massage feels delicious.

For stress management, most of my massage clients come for massage about every two weeks. Some come once a week, some come once a month. The frequency of receiving massage depends more on how much stress comes your way each day.

Most folks who work in high stress technology jobs find that receiving massage once a week or every two weeks is perfect. They tell me that this effectively releases their built-up stress and tensions of the workplace.

Frequency of Massage for Pain Management

For many of my clients, pain is an issue. I see clients after hip replacements, knee replacements, ankle and foot surgeries. I see them during and after cancer treatment. For some post-surgery clients, soft-tissue pain is the reason they receive massage. We find the frequency that works to alleviate it. 

How Often Can I Receive Deep Tissue Massage?

The physiological changes produced by Deep Tissue Massage can take a while for the body to integrate. I recommend an interval of no less than three days between each Deep Tissue Massage session. This allows the body to readjust and integrate the changes from your session.

Can You Get Too Many Massages?

If you receive regular Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage, your body can only absorb so much change in a given time period. We will work together to find out what the best interval for receiving treatment-oriented massage is for you.

Therapeutic Massage is a wonderful toner and stress-relieving method for your bodymind. How often you receive massage is an individual question that depends on your situation.

Let's work together to find what's best for you!