Client's Rights

I have the right to receive the amount of pressure that is appropriate for me.
I have the right to be comfortable in regards to temperature, music, lighting or other environmental facet of our session.
I have the right to be draped in a way that is both comfortable and safe for me.
I have the right to share about my internal experiences at my level of comfort.
I have the right to be treated with respect and non-judgment physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.
I have the right to safety and comfort in relationship to areas of my body touched, and of clothing work or removed, and draping techniques used.
If the session includes the removal of any clothing, I have the right to privacy for dressing and undressing.


Clients' Responsibilities

Every person brings their own history with them into a session. I agree to let my practitioner know if touch in any area is uncomfortable to the point where it needs to be modified or avoided completely for this session or for all sessions. I will also inform the practitioner of changes in my mental or physical health so that the choice of modalities and touch used is appropriate and customized for my best interests.

I understand that the touch or manner of communication of the practitioner is never intended to be sexual in nature. At any time I feel the touch or manner or language of the practitioner is sexual in nature or inappropriate for me, I agree to immediately inform the practitioner so that the session can be stopped or changed. I understand that touch in general can be related to sexual response or sexual feeling or memories. Sexualized behavior, sexual advances or sexual language by the client towards the practitioner are grounds for termination of the session.

The session I will receive are not, in any way intended as a diagnosis or treatment of medical or mental health. The session(s) in no way represent a substitute or replacement for appropriate medical or mental health care.


Society of Shamanic Practitioners Principles Of Integrity

To help individual practitioners be effective in service and healing in the world as they help shift global consciousness, and for the protection of those we serve, the Society of Shamanic Practitioners believes the following pledges represent the core principles of integrity in this pursuit:

  1. I pledge to work in sacred alliance with compassionate spirits, and to be informed and guided by that Source, and not my own ego, in offering service to others.
  2. I pledge to respect the wholeness inherent in every person or being or group or circumstance that comes for healing and to honor whatever form its pain is presented to me.
  3. I pledge to be mindful of speech, thought, and action and its impact on building relationships both in the present and through time into future and past.
  4. I pledge to be respectful of others, even in their differences.
  5. I pledge to work with compassion and consent.
  6. I pledge to do no harm and to avoid any exploitation or misconduct in my work with clients.  
  7. I pledge to maintain clients' confidentiality.
  8. I pledge to be honest with clients and other practitioners, and to be truthful in the manner in which I present myself in public relations and advertising.
  9. I pledge to offer fair and appropriate fees.
  10. I pledge to keep my own life in balance, to the best of my ability, in service to others.