Deep Tissue Massage Eases pain and Improves Function and Mobility

What is Deep Tissue?

Deep Tissue is massage that goes more than just skin deep. Deep Tissue works deeper structures of your soft tissues to resolve tissue adhesions, stuckness, and brings relief to aches and pains.

Resolving Problems in Deeper Structures

Wonderfully relaxing, Deep Tissue Massage uses "working strokes" to bring relief. Deep Tissue Massage realigns deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. This focused form of massage helps these layers glide against each other as they are designed to do. This increases mobility and reduces pain. 

Deep Tissue Massage reduces chronic aches and pains and opens contracted areas. It blends well with other techniques such as Trigger Point Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Freedom, and Acupressure. This is why I always use all of these methods together in my Essential Five Massage Techniques!

Deep Tissue Near Me?


I offer Advanced Professional Bodywork in North Asheville and Burnsville, NC!


Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage

Many people think of Swedish Massage as a light, relaxing massage. The most common goals of Swedish Massage are relaxation and improved circulation. The goals of Deep Tissue massage are different. These goals are pain relief, improved mobility and function of soft tissue, and greater felt sense of ease in the body.

Deep tissue massage is a variation of Swedish Massage. Swedish Massage is a system of massage strokes, each having specific physical effects. Deep Tissue Massage is Swedish Massage because it uses the same strokes but for different outcome.

Deep Tissue Massage is treatment-oriented massage which relieves and releases stuckness and congestion in the soft tissues. In this way, Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy are closely related to each other.

Many people, such as athletes and those who spend their day in front of a computer, prefer the deeper pressures of deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Side Effects

Administered by a skilled therapist, Deep Tissue Massage is not painful but relieving and relaxing. Many people experience a sense of deep relief after a deep tissue massage session. Residual muscle soreness may linger for a day or so after a Deep Tissue Massage session. It may feel like you had exercised more heavily than usual. These liberated metabolic waste products cause soreness. When released, these chemicals irritate the tissues until your Lymphatic system removes them.