TUE JUL 2 :: MONTHLY 1st Tuesdays Family & Systemic Constellation Taster Evening

TUE JUL 2 :: MONTHLY 1st Tuesdays Family & Systemic Constellation Taster Evening


Are you interested in Systemic & Family Constellations but don't want to commit to a full-day workshop? Then this fun, informative evening is for you!

6:30-8:30pm 1st Tuesdays
Weaverville Office



Free. Donations gratefully accepted!
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Are you interested in Systemic Constellations but not ready for a full day workshop? This Constellations Taster Evening is for you! Dip your toe into the Knowing Field. It's a fun, eye-opening evening! Systemic Constellation is an effective method for working with trans-generational issues and repeating patterns that show up in the family by increasing the flows of Love in your family system, easing the blockages to the flows of Love.

During this Taster evening, we will gently explore the history and facets of this work, and we will do a few mini constellations in order to give you a sense and feel for the work itself. Because of the efficiency of the Field, these introductory constellation exercises can be deeply healing.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your open heart :-)

What is Family Constellation and how does it work?

A Family Constellation Workshop is a beautiful and gentle way to bring the real issues in your family system to light and to encourage them to transform. Systemic Family Constellations began in Germany in the early 1980s, and are the life work of Bert Hellinger, psychotherapist. Systemic Family Constellation is a popular, known therapy worldwide and is now gaining traction in the US.

During a Systemic Family Constellation workshop, we gather as a sacred circle of individuals in service to our families and to each others' families. If you have an issue you want to look at in your family system, I will ask you some basic questions about your family system: Who was excluded? Did anyone die at a young age? Was anyone forgotten? When I have a sense of where the issue might be centered, I ask you to chose people from the group to represent your family members, issues, events, or even places which might have a bearing on the issue. I will ask you to place each representative in the working space in the manner in which it feels 'right' to you.

When a representative is placed, they are connected to the Knowing Field of your family system. They begin to relate to one another in very specific visual and spatial ways. From these relationships, we can see what cannot normally be seen about the inner workings of the system, and we can see where blockages occur. By nudging the system and by encouraging representatives to use Healing Statements of simple truth about what is, we strengthen the system and increase the flows of love within it.

Systemic Constellation is one of the only methods for examining and modifying trans-generational patterns within the family system.

To have a successful constellation you don't need to bring any other members of your family with you! We can do deep work in constellations because you bring the complete Knowing Field of your family system with you. We work with the system itself when we do a constellation. You can bring any issue to the workshop to be constellated. In the past, clients have looked at issues such as these:

Repeating Patterns Across The Generations Addiction Estrangement Loss of Fortune Repercussions of Immigration Physical Pain which defies treatment Eating Disorders and many more Constellation work looks into the systemic aspects of the issue, that is, the parts of the issue which lie in the system itself, rather than in individuals.

Jeffrey Rich, LMBT NC License #16954 is a certified facilitator of Systemic and Family Constellations