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1st Tuesdays  6:30-9:00pm Constellation Taster Evening; come explore systemic constellations! Free.


3rd Saturdays  2:00-7:00pm  Family Constellations Group Workshop. $75 registration.
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descriptions of Workshops and Circles

Systemic Constellation Taster Evening

The Constellation Taster Evening is a way to step your toes into the wonderful world of systemic and family constellations without having to commit to a full day workshop!

Family Constellation Workshop

The Family Constellation Workshop is a beautiful way to bring the real issues in your family system to light.

Your don't need to bring any other members of your family with you! We can do successful constellations because you bring the complete Knowing Field of your family system with you, and that is what we work with when we do a constellation. You can bring any issue to the workshop to be constellated. In the past, people have looked at issues like:

  • Addiction
  • Estrangement
  • Loss of Fortune
  • Immigration
  • Physical Pain
  • Eating Disorders
  • and many more

Constellation work looks into the systemic aspects of the issue, that is, the parts of the issue which lie in the system itself, rather than in individuals. More at the Asheville Systemic and Family Constellations group on


Nature Constellation Workshop

In Nature Constellation Workshop we use constellation to examine our relationship with Nature. What does it mean to be human? We also explore the mystical aspects of Nature: What does it feel like to be a Tree? What does it feel like to be a River or a Spring? A Cloud? A Rainstorm?

Nature Constellations have taught us quite a bit. We have looked at issues like these:

  • How to introduce yourself to the land in a Good Way
  • What it takes to be in healthy reciprocity with Place
  • How our emotions affect Nature around us
  • How Nature affects our energies and emotions
  • How Nature communicates and responds to us
  • What did I learn about Nature from my Father?
  • What did I learn about Nature from my Mother?
  • How am I related and connected to Nature?
  • How do I really belong? 
  • and many, many more!

Nature Constellations are an exciting way to make new connections with Nature, and to realize ancient wisdom of birthright within your own body. It's always a fun and eye-opening day.

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