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The Nature of Energies and Fields: The Astonishing Qualities of the Energies of 4 Beautiful Places

in 2014, I went on a three-week singing tour of the US and got to experience the energies of many places in rapid succession. Here is an account of 4 of them.

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Jeffrey Rich, LMBT #16954, is a practitioner and educator in the healing arts living and working in Asheville, NC. A Licensed Massage Therapist, he is certified in Orthopedic Massage by OMERI, Whitney Lowe's Academy of Clinical Massage. He is certified to facilitate Systemic and Family Constellations. Jeffrey is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher who studies and practices the Andean Cosmology and Core Shamanism.
Being a true Gemini, he has two websites,
LivingEnergy.Life and
He owns waaay too many books for his own good.