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You've tried to let old hurts go. Now here's a way to *really* let them go.

I've looked and looked and looked for effective ways to let people and events go that seem to cling to me, dogging my conscience. I've finally found it.

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Jeffrey Rich, LMBT #16954, is a practitioner and educator in the healing arts living and working in Asheville, NC. A Licensed Massage Therapist, he is certified in Orthopedic Massage by OMERI, Whitney Lowe's Academy of Clinical Massage. He is certified to facilitate Systemic and Family Constellations. Jeffrey is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher who studies and practices the Andean Cosmology and Core Shamanism.
Being a true Gemini, he has two websites,
LivingEnergy.Life and
He owns waaay too many books for his own good.