Jeffrey Martin Wright 24 April 1961 - 14 July 2018

This most loving of men taught me that love really does conquer all: 
He was patient and kind always and in all things. 
His love for me was like the sweetest water inexorably trickling in to the tiniest of places.
He suffused me with his love, bypassing all of my defenses.
He taught me that there is no defense against this kind of love :-) 
With patience and daily persistence he wore away my armor, to finally crack me wide open. With those fingers of love woven day by day, he finally has reached in and pulled the shell apart.
He never once in my sight touched another being with anything but tenderness and kindness and a curious, open heart. 
He never once used even the energy of his voice to touch another with anything but beauty.
I'll miss the everliving fuck out of him.

He will be laid in the loving arms of the Pachamama he loved so dearly in a green burial (most likely) on Wednesday morning, 18 July 2018 at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, 2041 Old Fanning Bridge Rd Mills River, NC 28759. His grave has a view of both Apu Mt. Mitchell and Apu Mt. Pisgah. The Sanctuary will plant a White Oak next to his grave so that he can become "food for a tree" just like he always wanted.

He passed peacefully in his sleep, right next to me after a lovely, easy day of being together in "our home in the clouds" which ended with snuggling on the couch, my arms around him. Eagle brought him to this beautiful place.

Please post and send your most beautiful pictures and stories about Jeff here on this page. You can also email them to me at I'd love to know more about the Jeff that You knew :-)

Forgive me if I can't respond to you directly at this time. 
With love,
Jeffrey Rich

'Yesterday',  'Tomorow'
Are only words today,
So don't let passing sorrow
Rain on your parade.
Here and now's the place to be
And Being is the prize.
You can play, don't need to wait,
You don't even have to try.

You are the one awakening,
You are the light revealed.
You are more than body, bones, and blood,
You are Being being healed.
Wherever your path leads you
Be it here or be it far,
You are,
You are ...

Wash away the ego
Wash away the pride
Learn to go with the flow
Life's an ocean; you're the tide.
Enlightenment was meant for you
And you were meant to Be
Your life is the sacrament
You are purposeful, you see.

You me and and I am you
Not the strangers we first thought.
We are one; there is no two.
There is nothing you are not.

We are the one awakening,
We are the state of grace.
We are every road we traveled on
With the journey taking place.
The seeker who's the finder
Soon as all the seeking stops,

We are,
You are, 

You are.