Multi-Dimensional Energies; How They Affect Us And What We Can Do About It - Part 2 of A Series

The Universe of Living Energy; How It Affects Us And What We Can Do About It

The Family System and the Ancestors: Part 2 in a series

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As energetically porous beings, we are influenced by the energies around us. 

How Our Family System Influences Us

One of the most powerful energetic Fields which impacts us is our Family System. It is powerful for several reasons: 

The number of your ancestors doubles with each generation that came before you

The number of your ancestors doubles with each generation that came before you

* we are directly connected to our Ancestors; we carry their DNA in our bodies
* our soul is nestled in the greater soul of the Family System; we are energetically connected to our family at a very deep level
* the number of our ancestors doubles with each generation farther from us!

The lines of connections to members of our Family System are incredibly strong: blood is stronger than any other tie. We know that we are connected to these Ancestors because we carry them with us in our physical bodies.

four generations of people before you is a lot of people!

four generations of people before you is a lot of people!

Energetic Strength of the Family System

In just these three generations in this diagram, you have the energy of fourteen of your Ancestors influencing you! If we added just one more generation, that would be thirty Ancestors! One more generation still, your great-great-grandparents who lived within a hundred years of when you were born, yields 62 Ancestors.

Within the time frame of when the US was founded, we each likely have 10 generations in our Family Systems -- more than one thousand Ancestors in our families who lived within the last 250 years. It doesn't take much imagination to see that the unfinished business of even a few of these Ancestors can be a big energy which could affect us. 

The Energies of the Ancestors And Our Family System Affect Us

Systemic Family Constellation shows that the influence of our Ancestors persists. It bears down on us. Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger in her book, "The Ancestor Syndrome", gives examples of effects lasting for at least 10 generations. Stephan Hausner in his book, "Even If It Costs Me My Life", gives numerous case studies and examples of how the unfinished business of the Ancestors affects us physically with symptoms of pain and illness. 

We have yet to discover the full effects of how the memories of big life events that our Ancestors went through are encoded epigenetically to be passed on to subsequent generations, and through how many generations these memories can last. This study indicates that epigenetic memories can last at least fourteen generations.

The Energy of World Events Is Embedded In Our Family System

The epigenetic memory of an event is stored as an energetic pattern. This energetic pattern persists, showing up in the individuals of subsequent generations. What happened to our Ancestors is thus encoded in our own genes, passed down by the mechanism of epigenetic memory encoding. I have also observed that the Fields of these events get connected to the Family System and are also passed down. This means that we are still dealing with these events, too. These energy patterns are here, now, in our own bodies. This is seen again and again in Systemic Family Constellation. Clearing these energies is one goal of that work.

Another energetic expression that Systemic Family Constellation shows us is the ways in which we identify with our Ancestors and become entangled in their fates. Identify and Entanglement are the two main phenomena we are working with in Systemic Family Constellation. Sometimes we are identified with an Ancestor; their lives are enmeshed with our own somehow, and we may be living out their life pattern rather than our own. We may become entangled in their fate, trying to carry their burdens out of love for them. We are connected, after all, and the nature of that connection is Love. 

These energetic and epigenetic phenomena are part of the mystery. We don't yet know how it all works, but we can observe their effects, measure them, and work to relieve the symptoms they cause. It is interesting to note that indigenous peoples have observed and understood these phenomena for millennia.

In the Andes, there is an understanding that we inherit incompatibilities from our Ancestors in the form of Ancestral Hucha (incompatible energy). In Chinese Medicine, there is the concept of Ancestral Qi, also known as Yuán qì or prenatal Qi. It is said of Ancestral Qi that it is "the metaphorical designation of the inborn constitution." The Andean paqos view Ancestral Hucha as an incompatible and illness-producing energy which becomes part of your constitution that comes from your Ancestors.

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Next up: a beginning look at Earth energies and the energies of place.

Gratitude to Those Who Came Before

My understanding of energies, Fields, patterns, and huchas comes to me from my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Adolfo Ttito Condori, Joan Parisi Wilcox, and from the Helping Spirits, especially Pachamama and the Apukuna. My understanding of Ancestral Qi comes to me through my Acupressure teacher, Steve Sommers. I owe them all my deepest gratitude.


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