Multi-Dimensional Energies; How They Affect Us And What We Can Do About It - Part 1 of A Series

This article is first in a series exploring the relationship between energy and the physical body.

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The Universe of Living Energy; How It Affects Us And What We Can Do About It

My homepage says that we live in a sea of "living energy."  My teacher in the Andes refers to this as the "pachawan kausay", which translates from the Quechua as "the universe of living energy."

I started my career as a practitioner of the healing arts as a massage therapist. Some of the questions that have floated around my brain about massage work are, "how are energies and the physical body related?" "How are memories locked in the tissues?" and later, as I became a shamanic practitioner, "How do the energies of place affect us?"  Since becoming a certified Systemic Constellations facilitator, the questions have expanded to, "How do the energies of the Ancestors and the Family System Field affect our physical bodies?" 

My present business, Living Energy Massage and Healing, is dedicated to the exploration of these questions, and to the answers that can be found. 

Andean Cosmology: It's All About Energy

The Andean understanding of energy is highly sophisticated. According to the millennia-old teachings of the mystics who live in the Andes, everything is energy. I am energy. You are energy. The screen you are reading this post on is energy. Your chair is energy. Physicists have been telling us that this is true since Einstein.

What we perceive as solid and physical is not solid at all. It appears to be 'condensed' energy. Atoms are mostly empty space. 

My teachers tell me that we are constantly exchanging energy with the universe of living energy around us. Since we, too, are energy, this is natural; we are more like a sponge immersed in liquid. 

Energy Categories

In the Andes, there are two main categories of energy: "compatible", and "incompatible." There is no good or bad energy; just energy. The practices of the paqos there, the mystics, center around personal practices of studying energy and of refining their own energy body to come into continual harmony, to create compatible energy exchanges with all energies of every description.

This is a tall order. And a worthy life's work. This is the life's work of an Andean paqo. The importance and sophistication of this energetic understanding in the Andes are such that in the native language, Quechua, there is specialized vocabulary dedicated to describing the many qualities and levels of refinement of energy. This understanding is woven into the fabric of Andean culture.

The predominant energy of our personal energy body dictates our experience in the world. When our energy body is topped up with incompatible energy, life is hard for us; our exchanges with the universe of living energy are less than harmonious.  

Energetic Coping Strategies

We then have two choices: work to change the quality of the energy in our energy body -- personal practices of clearing and refinement -- or to work to change the energies of the environment around us -- multidimensional energetic practices of what is aggregately known as 'space clearing.' Each has its challenges.

The Andean paqos tend to gravitate to personal practices of personal clearing and refinement. One reason for this is that the energy fields of the places where they live, the great Andean Mountains, are a feature of the place itself and are vastly more powerful than individuals; it's just easier to change the energies of self than it is to change the energies of place. For one, the place is also inhabited by multi-dimensional Celestial Beings. Think really big angels. The mere presence of these Beings influences the energetic landscape. In the Andes, it's just easier to adapt oneself to be able to live harmoniously with these unseen neighbors rather than to ask these giant neighbors to change their nature. We are the little ones, after all.

We live suspended in a sea of Living Energy which comes from the Ancestors and Family System, from   Nature, and from the Field of the Cosmos.

We live suspended in a sea of Living Energy which comes from the Ancestors and Family System, from Nature, and from the Field of the Cosmos.

What My New Logo Means

Though few of us live in the Andes mountains, the energies of our own living place affect us, too. There are other energies which also influence us. My new logo illustrates exactly this: that we are immersed in the universe of living energy of Nature (lower left), the Ancestral Field (lower right), and the Cosmos (top). ALL of these energies suffuse our physical bodies and affect us in ways our Ancestors knew well, and which we are beginning to remember and re-learn today. 

We discover and work with these influences through Systemic Family Constellation (the energies of the Ancestors and the Field of the Family System), Nature Constellation (the energies of Nature and Place), and Shamanic Healing (examining the influences of the energies of the Cosmos). The body and its energies, along with massage and bodywork are at the center. This is where it all lands and where we have to deal with it. This is what my work and my study is all about.

In the coming days, I will write more about my understanding of the multi-dimensional quality of reality, of energy and place, and try to tie my understandings into a cohesive explanation.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned ...