Sourcing: What it is, how to do it, and why you need it

Sourcing is a western word for a core Andean personal practice of energy hygiene. Marti Spiegelman, a wonderful speaker and teacher, uses sourcing to describe this simple indigenous practice of personal energy hygiene to her students and listeners in North America.

What it is

Sourcing is the simple practice of drawing on the vibrant life-force from the Pachamama to feed and strengthen your personal energy body. Her energy is limitless, so there is no worry about depleting or harming Pachamama: She is massive in comparison to any other being and her energetic resources are unlimited. 

Pachamama has unlimited life-force energy to give us if we ask

Pachamama has unlimited life-force energy to give us if we ask

Pachamama is the Cosmos. She is everything that is. In some translations, Pachamama is defined as the Earth Mother. Either way, we are her children; our bodies are built molecule by molecule from the stuff of her body. The Plant People take carbon dioxide from the air plus minerals and water from Pachamama's body, the soil. They fuse these components together into sugars using energy from the light of Tayta Inti, Father Sun. We are literally made of sunlight, soil, and water.

How to do it 

Andean energy work is simple and driven by your intention alone. You need no other tools. When we source, we envision a real geographical place that makes us feel great when we are there. For me, there are a few places: the mountains of western North Carolina, British Columbia, and the Rocky Mountains. We ask Pachamama to give us some of the beautiful energy from that place. That's all there is to it! 

Right now, envision a real place that you know, that you've been to, which makes you feel really, really good and vibrantly alive when you are physically there. Connect to that place in your mind, or just envision yourself stepping into that place. Next, envision drinking in the beautiful energy of this place, soaking it into your body from all around you.

You may discover that your body's sophisticated innate energetic system drinks this energy in in a specific way. You may discover that it just seems to seep in from every direction. You'll notice that this process is instantaneous; the moment you request it, it happens. Pay attention to how this makes your body feel. For me, it is a pick-me-up. You won't need to do it for long; perhaps ten or fifteen minutes. I recommend doing this daily. Do it when you need a boost. You can't overdo this, so have fun!    

Why you need it

We are born from the body of Pachamama, the Earth Mother. As her children, Pachamama nourishes us with her milk, a constant stream of vibrant life-force, earth energy nectar. We are perfectly attuned to this life-giving energy, and the Andean paqos tell us that this energy is both healing and essential for life.


This life-force Earth energy nectar of the Pachamama not only re-enlivens us, but it also contains the pristine pattern for our perfect health. We came from her, after all. Sourcing tops us up and reinforces and reaffirms the perfect version of our own energetic template which drifts over time and becomes sludgy with incompatible energies. Sourcing helps to fill us up with energy which is compatible with ours, encouraging the incompatible energies to depart. 

It is a simple, powerful, profound practice which is an easy addition to a daily routine. 

Try it for a while and let me know how it goes for you!