Multi-Dimensional Energies Part 5: Other Dimensions and Worlds

The Universe of Living Energy; How It Affects Us And What We Can Do About It

Energies Of Other Dimensions and Worlds: Part 5 In A Series

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> Part 5: Energies of Other Dimensions and Worlds

As porous beings made of energy, we are suffused by whatever Fields we are immersed in. The Fields of other dimensions bleed over into this one, affecting us. 

Humans are porous to energy

Many traditions tell us that, as human beings, we have energetic anatomy which interacts with and perceives the energies around us. The nadis, yogic channels of breath, have been written about since about 800 B.C.E. Nadis are described as

NĀDĪS are energy channels through which PRĀNA – divine energy, life and consciousness – streams. Within the human body there is a subtle and perfect network of 72,000 Nādīs that distribute this life force throughout the whole body. On the physical level the Nādīs correspond to the nervous system, but their influence extends beyond this to the astral and spiritual planes of our existence. If all the Nādīs are functioning correctly then we are healthy and generally feel happy. But nearly every one of us has some physical or psychic problem, which means that some of the Nādīs are not working properly and need to be balanced.

PRĀNA is conscious energy, which means that the Nādīs also transmit consciousness. By means of the Nādīs one can see and hear things at a great distance and move in other levels of consciousness.

Perhaps they were known earlier. Chakras, likewise, "wheels of light" have been written about since about 800 C.E. 

A chakra is an energetic wheel or vortex of energy found in the subtle body. Prana, life force energy, circulates through various nadis, pathways of energy.

Chinese medicine describes a system of meridians, "rivers" or "flows", along which Qi, life-force energy also flows. Similarly, Chinese Medicine tells us that we have 3 "burners" which create, concentrate, and transform this life-force within our physical bodies. The little gates, acupoints, which control these flows also interface with other worlds and dimensions. There are points which assist in anchoring and transforming prenatal Qi, energetic patterns and life-force which come to us from the Ancestors, and which assist in detaching other consciousnesses from our own, better known as depossession.

Multi-Dimensional coexistence

If we speak, then, of Ancestors and possessing spirits, where do these beings live? My beautiful Systemic Constellations teacher, also a bi-cultural First Nations woman, Francesca Mason-Boring says, "the Ancestors are real." Many indigenous cultures have the understanding that the consciousnesses of the Ancestors are very close to us in this life. Sometimes they have unfinished business which intrudes into our experience.

When I lived in North Alabama in Huntsville, that was a difficult place. After extensive genealogy work by my aunt and by a professional, one of the reasons for that difficulty made itself known: I was living and working on two portions of the Trail of Tears. These were two of the paths which Native people were taken along during their removals from the South in the 1830s.

The Trail began at Fort Payne, just an hour to the East of us. What made this so difficult for me is that one of my direct Ancestors was most Andrew Jackson's translator for the Indian Removals. He was married to a Native woman who most likely taught him the languages he used to remove the Native peoples from their lands. To say that my Family System is conflicted about this land is perhaps an understatement.

When I began mapping the Trails, I saw that over the 26 years I'd lived there, I had either lived or worked on one of the land trails, or both, for most of that quarter century. Systemic constellations with the survivors of the Holocuast in Germany have shown us that it doesn't matter who is responsible: the effects fall heavily on the families of both perpetrators and victims alike over the succeeding decades and centuries. Our Nature Constellations revealed that until the stories are known and witnessed, the Ancestors involved in this part of history are tied to the land; they can't leave yet. Constellations further revealed that this affects the people still living on the land today, whether they are directly connected to those events or not.

Sometimes a house or a building, or even land, is home to a Being who has lost his or her body. The consciousness remains behind, often not knowing that anything has changed. They may be fully aware that things have changed, and they may not. The unaware consciousness-with-no-body is in a sort of dream-like state; they know something is going on, but not quite what it is. They often try and communicate with those of us who still have our bodies, possibly trying to find out why we are here, occupying what had once been their dwelling place. Sometimes they are just ticked off. Sometimes they are just trying to get our attention. We humans-with-bodies perceive this background buzz, like a chatter, or it can register as something uncanny to our bodies which are the multi-dimensional instruments of communication.

Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they can't see you. When I was a kid, I wasn't afraid of the dark; I was afraid of what was in the dark. 

The distance between worlds

The places between the worlds, especially between the worlds of the living and the not-living, are not quite as far as we might think. As I prepared for my first long lecture about shamanism and the Power Animal allies years ago, I did a lot of journeying to ask the Helping Spirits about these things. What they told me is that the distance between here and there is illusion: there's no distance at all. We don't need to journey in order for the Spirits to hear us: they are around us in every moment, as close as a breath.

Betwixt living and dying

I worked with Hospice for many years as a massage therapist. This was very early on in my shamanic training and understanding of the energies of this place, which is known as the Middle World. I was giving very light end-of-life massage to a woman who was in the process of dying. I'd been working with her for over a year and a half, which is a very long time to be in Hospice care, something I didn't know at the time. Because I didn't have any experience to tell me otherwise, I just assumed that this was a normal Hospice stay. For about four weeks during our weekly visits, this frail woman would tell me that she was seeing her loved ones in the room. Loved ones who had been dead for many years. She mentioned seeing beloved family pets who had also been gone for a long, long time.

When I finally was able to talk to the nurse who was her primary caregiver, I told her that I thought the lady might be hallucinating. Maybe it was from the painkillers or some other medication? "Oh, no, hon. It just means that her time is getting close! They all do that. She's probably got about two weeks left." I was stunned. So I asked other Hospice nurses. They all said the same thing. I thought they all might be pulling my leg.

by Porfirio Domingues. This is sort of what it felt like to step across that doorway into the house of my dying client.

by Porfirio Domingues. This is sort of what it felt like to step across that doorway into the house of my dying client.

About two weeks later, I came by to give the massage. I'd called ahead and spoken to the neighbor, another caregiver. She told me to come on. When I knocked on the kitchen door, I didn't' hear a response, so I went on in, announcing myself. The moment I stepped over the threshold, I felt something very specific. I wondered, "what's going on in this house today?" The energy was beautiful. It felt like walking through honey. The light was tinged with golden-yellow.

I looked in the living room: my client was not in her chair. The caregiver came down the hall and said, "we've moved her into her room. She's not awake, but please do your massage anyway." I followed her down the hall. With every step, the energy intensified. My client was breathing heavily, a literal death-rattle. Once you've heard it, you know. I could feel in my body that I was in the presence of something magical and amazing, and something very, very old and beautiful.


I did my simple strokes and my client's breathing softened. She settled a bit and looked like she went into a deeper sleep. I left, hoping to come back the next week, thinking that this was just a glitch, but wondering about what I was experiencing in my body. Two days later, she passed in her sleep. What I had been feeling was the opening of the Gates of transition and the presence of the enormously powerful and compassionate beings who guard them and who accompany us on our journey when we leave our bodies. Angelic presences full of Light. I am so grateful for this experience, and for the certain knowledge that we are well taken care of by both loved ones and by beings of great compassion when it is our turn to walk through that door to whatever is next.

Later in my massage career, my office was located in a huge regional cancer treatment center which saw about 500 patients on a busy day. One or two people died in that building every month as they were receiving treatment. The Gates were open quite a bit and the gatekeeper guardians were a constant presence. There were also hundreds of concerned, anxious family members in the waiting rooms who were radiating the energy of anguish, despair, and sadness. That was, and still is, simply the nature and purpose of that place. For the entire five years my business partner and I occupied those offices, I did extensive energetic clearing work to try and keep those energies damped down in our massage suite and therapy rooms. Nothing I was able to do was really effective; there was just too much of it!


We are just wired to receive these energies. There's nothing "supernatural" about it; on the contrary, it is very, very natural. We've just forgotten, or we've been told that this is abnormal.

People who are in the business of tracking animals and who can see and read energies report that when startled, an animal will collapse its energy field in an effort to remain undetected. After a short period of time, their energy field expands again, opening up to their fullest extent when the danger has passed. This tells us that this ability to perceive the energy of other beings is just built-in to every creature who has a body. We have bodies. So, therefore, that means that this ability is also built into us, too. 

This is called embodiment. It's what I mean when I say that we are energetically porous. Just a fact of human life. I think of these Fields of energy as being like weather -- I feel the heat and cold and wind and rain and snow just as keenly on my body as I am able to perceive energetic 'weather.' When we embody a Field of energy, it's like putting on clothes. But clothes that suffuse us all the way through. Paying attention to this and understanding it helps us to work with it, putting this awareness on our terms rather than being at the whim of it all.

The extreme case of embodiment is when another consciousness is deeply enmeshed with our own. This is also called possession. It happens all the time, all over the world, and in every culture. It's rarely as severe or scary as popular culture portrays. Unless we are aware of what is going on, we can be overshadowed by any energy which we are embodying in the moment. Sometimes, as in the case of the big cancer treatment center I worked in, the energies are so strong that we can't help but to embody them and to be overshadowed by them to a certain degree.

Do remember that these are natural phenomena. They happen all the time, everywhere. Sometimes we are just more aware of it when and why it is happening! 

Next up: More discussion about the energies, lingering resonance, and impact of world events and large historical movements.

Gratitude to Those Who Came Before

My understanding of energies, Fields, patterns, and huchas comes to me from my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Adolfo Ttito Condori, Joan Parisi Wilcox, and from the Helping Spirits, especially Pachamama and the Apukuna. I am especially grateful to Betsy Bergstrom for her teachings, her compassionately-held trainings, and for the expansive way in which she views our world and the many other worlds which touch it.