Multi-Dimensional Energies Part 4: Energies of Your Home

The Universe of Living Energy; How It Affects Us And What We Can Do About It

Energies Of Place 2 - Our Homes: Part 4 In A Series

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As porous beings made of energy, we are suffused by whatever Fields we are immersed in. The Field of Home exerts a tremendous influence because we spend so much of our time there. 

Buildings and homes soak up and hold energy patterns

Homes and buildings are energy sponges: they soak up and attune to the dominant energies they are suffused with over time.


Have you noticed that your body gives you information when you first step across a threshold into a building? Maybe the place feels really good. Or maybe it feels a little 'off' to you. It might just feel downright bad. You may register this quality of place immediately. Sometimes it may seep into your conscious awareness gradually.

What's going on?

No one really knows for certain. However, we can draw conclusions based on what we can observe.


Early 20th-century physicist Louis de Broglie observed that matter has wave-like properties. Matter is a waveform of energy. It seems to act as "energetic memory foam" : whatever matter actually is, it can hold energetic resonances. (Author's note: I am not a physicist. My conclusions may be total bullshit. And yet, this is observable.)  

"Life in Motion" by John Gray McKendrick

"Life in Motion" by John Gray McKendrick

Matter seems to be jiggly, meaning that it can resonate. When I was a kid, I loved exploring this: I would hold down the sustain pedal on our piano and sing a tone. I was always amazed at how many different piano strings got involved, and how long the tone would last. I learned a lot about harmonics from doing this, and I learned a lot about how complex a single note really is. The harmonic pattern could last for minutes from a note that I only sang for one second. 

A standing wave doesn't need much energy input to keep on going ...

A standing wave doesn't need much energy input to keep on going ...

Once a standing wave is set up in a system, it takes very little energy input to keep it going. That's why some bells and singing bowls 'sing' for a very long time after the stick is removed and the energy input stops. There is a lot of energy stored in resonance. If the input frequency matches the resonant frequency of a system, it doesn't take much to build to a very, very big resonance. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge and its collapse is one example of the stored energy of resonance in engineering. To avoid this, NASA has an entire team devoted to resonance mitigation in launch vehicles. 

We see from all of this that matter can resonate and hold the wave template of whatever frequencies have been jiggling it. From a shamanic perspective, matter is alive, thinking, and changing in all moments. Just as we humans think of events, hold the thought-resonance of events, long after they have happened, so too does living matter 'think' and ponder about the events that have happened in their proximity. The consciousness of all-that-is keeps the resonance going for quite some time.

The Spirits have told me for years that we give out waves of thought and emotion which radiate out from us like ripples on a pond. And like the piano strings without dampers from my childhood explorations, we resonate to the frequencies that are coming at us. We are affecting, and being affected by, everyone and everything around us. This is called sympathetic vibration or sympathetic resonance, and the things which resonate with each other are not always obvious:  

... an A string at 440 Hz will cause an E string at 330 Hz to resonate, because they share an overtone of 1320 Hz (3rd harmonic of A and 4th harmonic of E).

This is the mysterious universe of Living Energy.

Factors informing the energy templates of our homes

Our homes are tuning forks resonating from the effects of several energy inputs. One of these is the inherent quality of the land on which it was built. I often perceive inherent energetic qualities places as a song. Pachamama sings different songs in different places. What is the main energetic 'song' of your home that it is picking up? For me, the beloved mountains of my home in western North Carolina sing the song of engaged, no-nonsense love of Elders with no illusions know how to sing. What happened here that the land remembers? What songs is it still singing?

We are suffused with energies from many sources

We are suffused with energies from many sources

Our homes sing the songs of what happened here over time. They sing the songs of the trees felled for their wood. They sing the songs of the stones and the soil used to make the brick, the mortar, the concrete. They also sing the songs of the metals used in our appliances, our wiring, and maybe our water pipes. The electrical wires sing the very real songs of all of the resonances that are in our entire electric grid. The air in our homes sings the songs of our WiFi signals. 

Our building materials sing the songs of the workers who were involved in their processing. Did the logging truck driver have a bad day when he was driving the newly-felled trees to the mill to become the boards in our home? Was the logger grieving for his newly-dead child as he cut the tree? Was the factory worker who prepared our concrete mix ecstatic because his side-by just agreed to marry him? Was the finish carpenter happy and pleased with his work, the wood that he touched and handled and shaped? Were the people who lived in your house before you bought it happy to be together, or were they constantly singing the song of hate and despair as they endured a drawn-out, fractious divorce? 

Your home is alive with many consciousnesses

Tomtenisse, the Little People of Sweden

Tomtenisse, the Little People of Sweden

Everything is alive. Everything is conscious. Everything responds, communicates, and changes. Our homes have a spirit. Our houses are homes to many other spirits which live alongside us. Every indigenous culture I've researched has tales of Little People who live around us and in our homes. House Elves are real; believe it. The Swedish people call them Tomte, or Tomtenisse. Hawai'ians call them the Menehune. My friend, Gabriela, tells me that one of the most important spirits in the home is the spirit of the hearth. Household deities have been written about since the human race has had writing.

The Menehune, Hawai'ian guardian spirits of place

The Menehune, Hawai'ian guardian spirits of place

The Fae, or Fair Folk, are beings who are spoken of in literature and folk-tales of the British Isles. Disturbing their lands and dwellings, or their byways without conversation and permission is said to cause all manner of continuing bad luck and ill fortune to you and to your home.

Mr Healy-Rae, an independent TD (Irish member of parliament) for County Kerry, said: "I have a machine standing in the yard right now. And if someone told me to go out and knock a fairy fort or touch it, I would starve first." 


Everything is alive. In a beautiful interview, scientist, author of two luscious books, and enrolled member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Robin Wall Kimmerer says that in her indigenous language of Potawatomi, there is no word for 'thing' but there is a word for 'people'. Our chairs are then 'people.' Our beds are 'people.' Our walls are 'people.' The trees in the yard are 'people.' Our plates and cutlery are 'people.' Our appliances are 'people.' We live with a lot of people! Like the Apukuna, Celestial tutelary Spirit Beings of the Mountains in Andean Cosmology, not all of these people completely inhabit our own dimension. Yet we hear them, sense their presence, and share space with them.

The Apukuna, Celestial tutelary Beings of Light who make their homes in the mountains of the world

The Apukuna, Celestial tutelary Beings of Light who make their homes in the mountains of the world

Becoming comfortable with any roommate means developing a relationship over time which is built on "the little shows of love", trust. It takes time to learn the rhythms, personalities, and character traits of those with whom we live.

“To be native to a place we must learn to speak its language.” 
― Robin Wall KimmererBraiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants

Like the vibrating piano strings, we are picking up on the songs of all of these various peoples and other vibrational influences. We are twanging to these songs, whether we consciously know it or not. Even though our physical senses my report harmony, quiet, and stillness, more often life at home is like being at a loud party where everyone is talking and laughing all at once! In later articles I will discuss actions we can take to bring calm to the chaos.

Next up: A discussion about the energies of dimensions other than our own.

Gratitude to Those Who Came Before

My understanding of energies, Fields, patterns, and huchas comes to me from my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Adolfo Ttito Condori, Joan Parisi Wilcox, and from the Helping Spirits, especially Pachamama and the Apukuna. I am especially grateful to Betsy Bergstrom for her teachings, her compassionately-held trainings, and for the expansive way in which she views our world and the many other worlds which touch it.