Multi-Dimensional Energies: Energies of The Land - Part 3 of a Series

The Universe of Living Energy; How It Affects Us And What We Can Do About It

Energies of Place - The Land We Live On: Part 3 In A Series

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As porous beings made of energy, we are suffused by whatever Fields we are immersed in. One of the biggest and most influential Fields is the Field of the Land on which we live.

Pachamama nurtures us with her body and heart

It is said that the Land nurtures us. This is true in a tangible sense. Our bodies are built from the Land, molecule by molecule, through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. All of these come directly from our Mother, the Earth. Our food is grown from Her body, the earth. Our water is filtered by the substance of Her body and contains Her minerals. The life-giving oxygen in our air is a gift from Her other children, the Green People. They are the Trees, Plants, Algae, and all of our chlorophyl-rich neighbors who drink in the Light of the Sun, her consort, Tayta Inti. In this way, our Brothers and Sisters, the Green People, bring the Earthly and the Celestial realms together. So that we can live.

In the same way that we receive physical food, water, and air, it is also said that we receive life-sustaining energy from the Land. Pachamama constantly nurtures us with Her Life-Force. She radiates 'energy nectar' which we take into our bodies. This Life-Force is 'flavored' with many imprints:

  • what is the inherent quality of this place?

  • what happened here over time?

  • what is also happening in the other dimensions that touch here?

  • who are our neighbors here, the other Beings with whom we are sharing this space?

  • what is the present quality of relationship of the residents to the land?

Some of these imprints can have big effects on us. What is the quality of all of this 'food' we are ingesting? 

The inherent quality of places

If you've lived in more than one place, you are likely aware that each locale supports you -- or doesn't -- in a unique way. As a child, I was very aware of the energy which flows up and out of the Mountains of my home in Western North Carolina. When we would leave to visit grandparents in the panhandle of Florida, my heart would leap and my body would come alive again when I saw my first glimpse of the mountains as we were returning home. Living here, I feel buoyed up.

I didn't understand that this was a real phenomenon until I had lived in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama and South Tennessee for many years. On my first visit to Vancouver, BC for a Baroque music workshop, that land felt like 'home' to my body in a way that Huntsville did not. Similarly, when I flew home to central Florida one year to visit family for the holidays, I was surprised to feel that same nurturing welcome from Pachamama when my foot touched the ground while getting out of the airplane. How could Flordia be 'home', too? What did this mean? After living away from my beloved mountains for a few decades, I was beginning to understand that the land of North Alabama couldn't feed me the same flavor of Life-Force that I had known as a child in the mountains.

The energy of a field of flowers is vastly different than that of an empty parking lot.

The energy of a field of flowers is vastly different than that of an empty parking lot.

One of the most enlightening experiences of the inherent qualities of place happened for me when I was on a cross-country performing tour with a Baroque orchestra and chorus. We crisscrossed the US from coast to coast in a short span of days. With each stop, my roommate and I would introduce ourselves to the new land, open sacred space, and set up an altar in our hotel room. Our internal reading of the inherent qualities of each new place was unique. In each case when we compared our personal experiences of the quality of place, they were almost identical. This helped me understand in an embodied way that each place nourishes us and holds a unique imprint. This understanding comes through the senses of the body and through your unique ways of knowing.

Several of my indigenous and non-indigenous teachers tell me that each place has its unique inherent qualities. Is the inherent quality of the land on which I live compatible with what my life is about? 

What happened here over time

Pachamama has many layers. At her deepest, she is only Herself. The layer of Her skin on which we humans live holds the echoes of our passing. We are so tiny compared to Pachamama that the effects of our lives only penetrate so far. We can not change her fundamental nature. Nevertheless, here on Her skin, our actions and energies leave imprints. 

If you've ever set foot in a room where there has just been an argument and felt the tension there, you will understand this. Perhaps you've also set foot in a place in which there is pristine, beautiful energy, too. This has happened to me when walking into the Wenceslas cathedral in Prague; the second I stepped over the threshold, I was engulfed in the exquisitely beautiful energy of that place. I also feel this clean, bright beauty in remote wilderness areas. In the wilderness, the land holds its original wild imprint. In the cathedral, there is a lingering imprint of joy, celebration, and sacredness.

In the Andes, pristine, crystalline energy has a name. It is called qoyllana energy. Andean paqos regularly go to places with qoyllana energy to soak it up, to rev up their personal body energies and attune to it. They also go to places holding Qoyllana energy for important ceremonies. It's like breathing clean air: you want the best you can get. I love to fly for this same reason: the quality of energy at 30,000 feet is just beautiful. I get a lot of great shamanic and intuitive work done on planes.

The land of North Alabama holds the difficult imprint of the Trail of Tears. 

The land of North Alabama holds the difficult imprint of the Trail of Tears. 

Similarly, battlefields have imprints of pain, death, and suffering. Places where atrocities were committed hold imprints of the acts. For now, Huntsville, Alabama holds the imprint of the Trail of Tears, the physical land and water paths used by the Native people who were forced from their homeland in the 1830s. One of those land trails ran right in front of my healing studio. At one point I had lived on another land trail in South Tennessee. I have an Ancestor who was instrumental in those events, giving me an even deeper connection to this particular imprint in the land. As a result, Huntsville was a difficult place for me to be. Its imprint was incapable of supporting vibrant life and work for me.

What is happening in the other dimensions which touch here

My Andean teachers refer to the Spirits of the Mountains as the Apukuna, the Apus. An Apu is a great Celestial Being who lives in many dimensions at once. The physical mountain that we see is its home in this dimension. There is much more to these Beings that we cannot see. Yet we experience their influence. 

A vortex is chaotic. Do you really want to live in one?

A vortex is chaotic. Do you really want to live in one?

In some places, people speak of "vortexes." Sedona, Arizona is one such place. You can even take "vortex tours" to experience these energies. In Quechua, a vortex is a taqe, a meeting point/melding point. It is a place where two or more energy lines meet together to form a sort of energetic whirlpool. 

Living in a whirlpool sounds like it might make for exciting living conditions. What if the purpose of your life is meditation or retirement? Would living in a vortex be right for you?

Who are our neighbors here, the other Beings with whom we are sharing this space?

People who are sensitive experience the presence of unseen Spirits who also share space with physical places. Humans have written about this as long as there has been writing. Sensitives describe the feelings variously as "cold", "uncanny", "otherworldly," or simply as "a presence." I don't think I was afraid of the dark; I was afraid of what was in the dark with me that I couldn't see. 

We are affected by these unseen neighbors. In some cases, neither of us is happy the other is there. The great thing about neighbors is that we can get to know them through conversation and by exchanging trust little by little. Relationships with trusted neighbors are different than relationships with neighbors we don't know very well.

What is the quality of the relationship of the other residents with the land

What about the other people in the neighborhood? Do they all get along? Is there harmony, or is there strife? In a calm, harmonious neighborhood, we sleep better. We breathe easier. In a crime-infested inner-city neighborhood, our quality of life would be very different. I have a different experience sleeping in a tent in a remote area than I do sleeping in a big city. I can literally feel the hum of many lives in my body and in my head when I'm in a city. 

Perhaps you've experienced something like this too?

Thanks for reading! I hope that this engenders questions and personal reflections about what you might already know about these phenomena.

Next up: A discussion about the energies of our homes.

Gratitude to Those Who Came Before

My understanding of energies, Fields, patterns, and huchas comes to me from my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Adolfo Ttito Condori, Joan Parisi Wilcox, and from the Helping Spirits, especially Pachamama and the Apukuna. 

References - I am extraordinarily grateful to the editor of this web resource, Patt O’Neill, for tirelessly putting such an amazing resource together and for maintaining it over the years.