What Does Shamanic Healing Feel Like?

I've actually never been asked the question, "What does shamanic healing feel like?"  

There are many answers. Before we can answer the question of what it feels like, let's talk about how shamanic healing works.

What does shamanic healing do? How does shamanic healing work?

Shamanic Healing moves energy. It is energy healing performed with the help of celestial beings at a sophisticated level. 

Shamanic Healing falls into a few major categories of how it works:

  • Removing energies from your field that do not belong there
  • Returning energies to your field that belong there, but are not present
  • Clearing tangled energies that are in your field

Removing energies from your field that do not belong there

Removing energies from your field is called Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions. A Spiritual Intrusion is an energy that 'moved in' to a convenient hole in your energy field and decided it would be nice to live there. We pick up these stray bits of energy all of the time in daily life. Sometimes, they are bits of other people's anger. Sometimes, they are just debris and the energy of 'daily dirt' that needs dusting off.

When we remove these energies from your field, you might feel a 'pulling' sensation, or you might feel as if something inside you is moving around. 


Returning energies to your field that belong there, but are not present

Occasionally a part of our energy, our vital essence, gets tucked away somewhere. It stays tied up in old business, continuing to chew on an experience that we never quite got over. Maybe we had a dream of doing something exciting when we were young. We thought about it, talked about it, daydreamed about it, and put a lot of ourselves into it. As we grew up, we left this dream behind. We may also have left a bit of ourselves behind with it.

Or maybe we had something big happen that our soul cannot quite understand. It is still there, trying to make sense of this big event, be it a trauma or an excitement. 

We can rescue these energies and return them to you. Sometimes I use my breath to blow these energies into you after they have been rescued. When I do this, you may feel the energies moving back into your energy field. It can feel like a breeze, or like you are a balloon which is being blown up again. When you receive energies back in these ways, you might feel 'sloshy' for a while afterward -- this is the energy re-integrating back into your greater field.

Clearing tangled energies that are in your field

Clearing energies is also called unraveling. When an energetic knot that you are connected to gets unraveled, you can feel this in your body. I often feel this as a warm energy in my heart center, or as a warm sensation in my solar plexus area, between my belly and my heart. 

Clients who have experienced clearing, extraction, or unraveling often say they feel 'lighter' and 'clearer.' Sometimes you feel clearer in your head, or the background chatter stops or slows down. 

Often times a client doesn't feel anything right away, but then notices the absence of familiar thoughts and patterns of behavior later. 

How will shamanic healing feel like for you?

How will it feel like for you? I don't know! Each healing session is unique. I've been going shamanic healing sessions for over twelve years, and so far no two sessions have been alike. They each unfold in their own way. My clients almost always feel something. And it is always interesting.