What We Are Learning From Nature Constellations

Nature Constellations Teach Us About Relationship

For our Nature Constellations Workshop in April, we were working on a beautiful farm in Taft, TN. Our focus of the day came out of what the Knowing Field wanted to tell us, which was all about integrity and authorization as well as the place of the Pachamama as our Oldest Mother and First Ancestor.

The land we were working on is a place where Native American peoples had lived and gathered before the whites drove them from the South during the great Removals. Our hostess who owns the neighboring farm is a very intuitive woman who has had several very interesting experiences that she wanted to explore.

Being In Good Relationship With Place

One of the topics the group wanted to explore was "what is required to approach and be in good relationship with a place/this place?"

Knowing that the Field would tell us what we sought, I set up a chaos constellation. I was taught this form by my teacher Francesca Mason Boring, who learned this amazing work from her teacher, Sneh Victoria Schnabel. To begin, I posed the question above. I then said to the group, "if you feel as if you already embody a part of this constellation, please stand and state who/what you stand for, and find your place in the working area."

One by one, people stood, some with dawning wonder on their faces, and stated what they each represented. Our representatives were

  • Humble Open-heartedness.
  • Calmness of Spirit; Deep Silence.
  • A Keen Awareness that all matter is Alive and Connected.
  • Awareness and understanding that sacredness is everywhere, that every place is profoundly sacred; specifically the understanding that this particular place where we were working is also profoundly sacred, though that might not be common knowledge. This was a huge "aha" to most of the participants.
  • Someone stood for the Veil that could reveal or shield this sacredness from those who were not looking for it.
  • The Guardian of Place. The Guardian and the Veil were closely aligned. Many cultures tell us of guardians of places -- gatekeepers -- and that it is wise to negotiate entry to such places with the guardian of place. This representative said that this was very important.
  • Awareness that we and the Land inhabited the space and lived together in partnership in an equal way, neither being greater or lesser than the other.
  • The Knowledge of Events Long Past That Happened Here.

This was an incredibly exciting, illuminating constellation and was our last big constellation of the day on the beautiful hilltop. Our group was thoughtful and subdued while we re-convened under cover at the bottom of the hill to conclude our work and our circle. We talked about this constellation quite a bit, and it left a huge impression on us all. It was clear from the Field that we are all connected in ways that we are only beginning to understand again.  

The Field Answers

Directly after this work, a huge storm moved in and we had to move into a garage to finish our work. In the Andean Cosmology and in other indigenous cultures, rain, hail, and snow can be seen as great blessings from the Spirits of the Cosmos after a good ceremony. In the Andean Cosmology, specifically, the Apukuna or the Mountain Spirits are the ones who send us these blessings.

The storm was fierce, long-lasting, and full of grape-sized hail, but we saw little damage where we were. After cleaning up the venue we started home. About a mile south of the beautiful farm, the land was completely white with hail, no grass or dirt visible as far as the eye could see. A north-going snowplow met us, clearing the road. The temperature plunged to about 50 degrees. In April, in the South.

The Andean Cosmology also tells us that everything is energy and that the world of energy is always in motion, always communicating with us.

I took this great blessing of hail as a giant 'yes!' to our work of the day, which has changed everyone who attended the workshop.