Why is Swedish Massage so Powerful?

Swedish Massage is the basis of all massage therapy. Swedish Massage is what you are guaranteed to learn if you go to massage school in America. All other forms of massage are variations of Swedish Massage.

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is a system of five therapeutic massage strokes. Each stroke has specific physical effects on the tissues of the body. Most people think of massage as working only on the physical body. Actually, a massage therapist is working just as much with your nervous system as s/he is with your physical body. 

Massaging Affects The Body

When we massage you, we are changing your physiology. We are moving fluids. We are opening and refreshing tiny capillaries. We are refreshing lymphatic capillaries to encourage cell waste to get cleaned up. We knead your tissues to milk out waste products. We use long strokes to encourage venous blood flow. We use special pressure strokes to resolve Trigger Points and to reduce your muscle tension. We stretch your muscles and we make sure that all of the muscle fibers are sliding against each other as they should. We help you feel good and relax!

What you may not know is that we are also calming and affecting your nervous system and immune system. 

Massage Affects The Nervous System Too

Touch alone encourages the body to heal and to strengthen. Touch calms the nervous system. Touch activates our Vagus Nerve, the nerve that initiates the parasympathetic half of our nervous system which produces calmness, deeper breathing, slower heartbeat, and lowers our blood pressure. [1]  Touch reduces cortisol, the body's stress hormone, and encourages the production of oxytocin, the body's "love hormone." [2]

Touching has been shown to increase the body's production of white blood cells and lowers cytokines, molecules that are involved in inflammatory processes in the body. [3] Massage has been shown to reduce the perception of pain, to improve sleep, and reduce anxiety. [4] Massage is great for reducing the number and duration of headaches. [5]

We massage your nervous system just as much as, if not more than, your body!

Massage Strengthens The Immune System

Massage increases the immune system's cytotoxic capacity, its ability to tackle and kill off intruder cells. [6]

With all of this goodness from just one relaxing Swedish Massage, wouldn't you like to try one today?