Why I Love Acupressure

Acupressure was developed centuries ago as part of Chinese and Asian medicine. Using acupoints on the body's energy channels, it works at the place where body, spirit, and mind come together. There's nothing like it.

Acupressure is acupuncture without the needles

When I give an acupressure session my client is face-up. I hold points with each hand, moving around the body as the Qi balances. Sometimes we talk, sometimes it is a silent session. Often my client moves into a dream-like trance state.

Acupressure Treats Body and Mind

It is in this liminal space where body, mind, and spirit are all communicating at once. Here we can truly converse with the the bodymind, the whole person. In this state, the client often reports images and sensations which match the qualities of the acupoints and meridians I am working on.

When my client is awake enough and engaged in the process, I use body-focusing statements to deepen her experience, inviting her attention back to what she is experiencing. 

Qi, Chi, The Life Force in Chinese Medicine

Acupressure releases muscular tensions and balances the body's Qi, life force. As the Qi moves, our emotions transform. Chinese Medicine tells us that each meridian pair, each element, governs specific emotional states. Five-Element Theory helps us understand how these energies relate, each giving rise to the next. 

Qi governs muscular tensions and emotions. When we have an imbalance in our Qi, the imbalance shows up as predictable patterns in the body. The imbalance may also show up as an emotional pattern. By holding points, we encourage the Qi to move, thus changing the pattern.

My clients report that acupressure is excellent for releasing super-tight muscles, or muscular armoring patterns. For years they have told me that the bodymind changes they experience in an acupressure session last longer than those from traditional massage. I also experience this when I receive acupressure.

In the trance state that an acupressure session produces, our bodymind flows and changes. When we get up from the table, we are different people. Muscular tensions are gone and attitudes are different. Acupressure is a beautiful reset.