What is "Clearing"?

"Clearing" is a shamanic process which removes unhelpful/unhealthful energies from the energetic environment of a person or a place. Energy landscapes need cleaning just like physical ones. In that way, clearing is like dusting and vacuuming -- irritating and a little time consuming, but you gotta keep on top of the dust bunnies or they will overwhelm you. How we live our lives on a daily basis has a lot to do with the state of our energy environment. Energy clearing can be temporary, or longer-lasting, depending on what we re-expose ourselves to each day and the state of the neighboring energy environments that impinge on our own.

There are many simple and advanced techniques for clearing one's own energies. This is absolutely necessary when we work closely with people, technology, or both. The clearing methods I use are simple and effective and involve Angelic beings.

The energies that get cleared in a personal clearing are called "spiritual intrusions." Spiritual intrusions are stray shards or ripples of energies that don't belong to us and don't belong in our energy field. We are porous, and these energies can get lodged in our energy fields. Sometimes, these energies are the result of old unresolved traumas and perhaps thought-processes that we have yet to let go of, sort of like old, dead skin cells we didn't shed. The energies of our "unfinished business" or even the unpleasant thoughts we have about ourselves can stick to us like glue, gumming up the works.  

Clearing these energies that can be removed, the energy detritus that we pick up from others or from places, helps us move through our day with more ease. Afterward, we feel 'cleaner' and 'lighter'. Sometimes even our thoughts are calmer and more clear.


When it comes to clearing spaces such as rooms, homes, buildings, or land, energy clearing can be a more in-depth undertaking.

Questions come into play such as, "can this particular space be cleared?" "Should it be cleared?" etc. Land and places occupied by humans can hold imprints of past occupants and events. Some of this can be cleared easily, some not so easily. 

A good example of this is the persistent imprint of the events surrounding the Trail of Tears here in our area of North Alabama. From my own research into it and previous attempts at clearing some of it, this persistent imprint will dissipate only when many of the stories come to light about the events which happened here. Witnessing these old stories and bringing old secrets to light is often an essential ingredient in a successful clearing; it is as if a place will hold on fiercely to an imprint until the right someone has been able to see it and carry that story forward. Since most people do not wish to see these things or know about these painful secrets and stories, the Trail of Tears imprint will linger, as there is little that can be done otherwise to shift it. Believe me, I've tried.

More advanced clearing methods are used to clear a stray consciousness that has enmeshed itself in the natural energy fields of a person or a place. This is often referred to as "compassionate depossession." Same principle yet completely unlike exorcism as portrayed in the movies. Since we are dealing now with a consciousness, another sentient being, we must take greater care in the ways that we approach this work.  

Spirits who lack bodies are basically homeless; they are trapped and need our help to move them along. Most often, we are able to help them find a much more appropriate place to live. My belief is that all spiritual beings are made of the same Light as the Creator being, whoever/whatever that might be. Since we are all made of the same Light, we are all related. All My Relations. For this reason, we approach them with compassion and as much understanding as we are able to bring to the situation. Possession is most often a no-fault situation. Weeds are perfectly good plants, too, just not in the right place.

ANY energy, whether it is a simple intrusion of energies that don't belong, or whether it is a fully-sentient consciousness, creates an overshadowing effect on the person it is enmeshed with. This overshadowing can create confusion, pain, uncharacteristic changes in personality, and sometimes can cause physical symptoms. Clearing takes away that overshadowing effect and allows the individual or place to have its own energy signature once again.

Stray, unhealthful energies which linger in places can leave us feeling uncomfortable, irritable, angry, or even sleepy and checked-out and unable to focus. 

Clearing is like a good, deep cleaning, refreshing the energy atmosphere and getting rid of the cobwebs!