The LifeCycle of a Healing

Recently I was asked to speak about healing for a local group. I chose to narrow my topic a little to the timeline of a spiritual healing, and why some healing happen instantaneously while others do not. Healing, in general, fall into one of several broad categories: removing energies that are not ours, returning energies that we need but don’t have, and untangling energetic snarls. In my journeys to the Spirits about this topic, I was given several different analogies, metaphors and allegories for how this process works. Here’s what I received:

The first thing that the Helping Spirits showed me as a metaphor for how healing works when we are removing an energy was a storage facility with a large couch stuffed into the back of it. The couch signifies a big issue that a person wants to heal. We can see the couch, we can touch it, and maybe we can wiggle it a bit, but we can’t budge it at all! There’s too much other stuff pinning it in place; boxes piled on it, chairs and small appliances in front of it, and other things draped all over it. In order to get the large couch out — to heal the big issue — we have to first move all the little stuff. If the couch is big enough and has been there long enough, we might have to clear out a LOT of other stuff before we can even get a good enough handle on it to get it to move.

The next thing that they showed me which can be applied to the untangling of energies was a cruise liner trying to enter or leave port. Although the cruise liner has plenty of power on its own, it has huge mass with a lot of inertia which is slow to turn, slow to start, slow to stop. We need tug boats sometimes to get maneuvered properly before we can handle things on our own power. We need the tugs — for a short while — but they are not designed to do the work of pulling us all the way to our desired destination. Ultimately, our journey must be completely powered and steered under our own control and wisdom once we are on the open seas, out of port and on our own.

That may not be the end of our troubles, though: sometimes on the open sea we encounter weather: storms and winds which can toss us around and move us off course despite our best effort to stay on course. Sometimes we lose our bearings and drift. It’s the same with healing: once we are all set and on our way, new, powerful energies blow up which can hinder us.

Likewise, once we get that couch out of storage (finally! I hear you say), we have to go to work to rearrange all of that OTHER stuff that we took out! Maybe some of it stays, and maybe we decide to get rid of some of the rest. In any case, there is an integration period during which things must rearrange to suit us.

The last image that the Spirits gave me which relates to bringing back energies that belong was like buying new furniture: when we buy something new, we must rearrange and/or make room for it. Sometimes there is a period in which we are moving things around to test out how we like the new addition. This can be tricky and take a while until a really good arrangement is found that completely suits you and works well for traffic and energy flow in the home. Sometimes there’s just not enough room and so another piece of furniture may have to go, despite the fact that it has served you very well for a long time up until the new addition.

The same is true for bringing back energies: when we do a Soul Retrieval, for instance, there is a longish integration period during which our spiritual energies are sloshing around a bit, trying to find their comfortable place. As a whole, we are also trying to learn to deal with this new energetic landscape within us. Sometimes we have to let go of old habits, energies, patterns to make room for the new.

I hope that you can see from these analogies that healing is a process, not a destination: there’s always something more we can do to refine a situation, no matter how good it already is. And, weather happens. And dust happens: we need to clean our living room with the new furniture in it, just like we had to clean it in the old days. Clutter happens, weather moves in, dust accumulates. And so we must deal with it. Energetic ‘dust’ also happens; energy fields roll in like fog, the ‘weeds’ grow up, the ‘dust bunnies’ accumulate. And so we clear them, whether they are energetic or physical :-)

Until we are able to receive the gift that is buried inside any difficult issue, our healing cannot come to us. We also must be ready, willing, and able to support our own healing journey, just like the cruise ship must power and steer itself; the little tugboats, useful and necessary as they sometimes are, cannot pull that big ship to its final destination.