Constellation Miracles and Movements

Constellations can produce perhaps not miracles, but certainly big changes.

I've had my own experiences of this over the year and a half that I've been in training and working with constellation circles. Sometimes there is only a small movement, and sometimes there is a tectonic shift.

It's hard to pin down which constellations were responsible for the changes and freedoms I've been experiencing in my own life; what I do know is that I'm much different now, much more confident in an easy way. I'm able to settle into myself more somehow, and work in an easier way with people.

I had a light day this past week and so I did some filing of the mountains of paper that tend to accumulate. Some of those papers were constellations workshop surveys. There were two in particular that I had not opened -- they were still in their envelopes amidst the stack of other surveys.

When I opened these two and read what the participants had to say, I was stunned:

"I have not had anymore nightmares about my parents and I used to have them every night." - workshop participant

I had had no idea that this person's constellation had been that big. We never know what the effect will be ... until we know. I would say that something happened for this person; some movement occurred.

Another constellation we did back in the Spring of the year was with a person experiencing insomnia. After the constellation, he reports that the insomnia still has not returned, even now.

On the other side of our constellation, we sometimes find ourselves having experienced a sea change

"Nothing of him that doth fade,
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange.
" -The Tempest, William Shakespeare

Emerging on the other side of a constellation that has produced a movement in me feels like shedding a skin: something confining and uncomfortable has dropped and now I have more room, more Light, and more freedom.

This is amazing work and I'm so very glad that I've found it and am able to bring it here.

If you would like to experience what a constellation is like, I offer a monthly workshop. Dates can be found here on my calendar.