A Constellations Intensive, Part 2

This is a short post about my day 2 at the 9th North American Systemic Constellations Intensive in Hartford, Connecticut.

Since I'm in what's called the Mentoring Track, I have to facilitate constellations along with all of my group members. We have a small group of about 11, I think, and we work with different faculty each day, facilitating. Today someone picked me as their facilitator. 

I cannot ethically disclose the contents of my client's constellation. I *can* say that the Field works very efficiently at putting client and facilitator, group and teacher together!  My teacher, Francesca, was our group leader today. My client had an issue that was not an ordinary Family system issue, but much more shamanic in nature. I believe that that is why the circumstances came together for this particular constellation: the teacher recognized and supported my framing of it, the client did as well, and the group was also in agreement, at least to the point of stepping in to what I was proposing without any pushback. 

I can't say that it went perfectly; my first attempt had to be stopped and so we started a constellation with a second idea of what might work. That eventually *did* work, and in a really beautiful way. Several of the representatives spoke wise words from which I learned a great deal, myself. 

Terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. 

Tonight, my shamanic friends and I will present an informal presentation/discussion "Constellation Applications in Shamanic Healing" as a side bonus event. It should be fun :-) 


UPDATE, 10:19pm: Well, it WAS fun! Lots of my shamanic peeps showed up, as did about two thirds of the entire intensive. Which was kind of great. I presented my stuff, which I've also written into an article. We did some live constellations and some revelations were had. Several of us presented, and about half of the people actually stayed the whole two hours. After a very, very long and arduous day. I'm glad that I put myself out there - that has been a barrier of mine that I've been working on; really being "all in." 

Tonight we were totally "all in!"