Luke -- The Force is Real! And ... it's called the Pachawan Kausay

Luke — The Force is real ... And it's called Pachawan Kausay!

Last week I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to spend several days with my teacher from Peru, Adolfo Ttito Condori, in the gorgeous and inviting home of my wayqechaykuna (my dear brothers) Kevin and John. We were in my home town of Weaverville, NC., amongst some of the oldest mountains and mountain beings on the planet, and also less than a mile from one of the oldest known rivers, the French Broad. With this teacher, I study the Andean Cosmology, of which he is a true master, having spent at least three decades in study and practice.

The paqos, the Andean healers who walk the path of the Andean Cosmology, study the energies all around us very, very closely; they study the energies of places, the energies of people, the energies of events, the energies of our mishas, the energies of the ancestors, the energies of ceremony, eclipses, and on and on. This beautiful Cosmology is all about Light and Life-Force. It is about connecting with the Light and the Life force that exists in and flows through all things, especially the Pachamama and the Apukuna, the spirits of the mountains who are her sons. In Quechua (also known as 'runa simi', the 'people's tongue'), the native language of the Andean paqos, this energy is called pachawan kausay (pah CHOW ahnCOW sigh), the time/place of kausay, life-force. The pachawan kausay says that all things are alive, aware, awake, and imbued with living energy through and through.

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you; here, between you, me the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.” -Yoda

Yoda was correct. He must have been a paqo. My teacher, Adolfo, says these same things in almost exactly these same words. I’m not sure he’s ever seen Star Wars. I know that he’s been working with this energy since he was a little boy at the knee of his grandfather, a revered hatun misayoq healer, a ‘misha carrier of high degree’.

One of the things that Adolfo said to us in this last class was very interesting to me: he said that when an object, such as a small stone, is sitting on the Pachamama, our Earth Mother, she is ‘in charge’ of that object; she is taking care of it, its energetic template, and its kausay. When we pick it up, then we become responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of its kausay, its life force and energetic template. In my mind’s eye, I see the rock sitting on Pachamama, its inductive ’charging station’, being kept topped-up with kausay, life-force, and with its energetic pattern fully matching its perfect divine blueprint. When the stone is picked up, the connection is broken, and both its ‘charge’ and its pattern can begin to drift.

We humans are the same. Our bodies come directly from the Pachamama from the elements we consume as food, water, and the air we breathe. When we hole up in offices and houses for too long, we become desiccated, dehydrated from this vibrant life-force template that is perfect for us; we begin running our batteries down. Just like our cell-phones. Getting back in physical contact with the Pachamama is our best way to ‘charge’ and top us back up to 100%.

The study of this energy requires complete inner silence, something that has also been shown to be a profoundly healing state for us all. This requires “the deepest commitment, the most serious mind (again, Yoda).” This quality of silence, this practice, is called ch’inkay in Quechua; seeking and contemplating our own inner Light. Not exactly meditation. Another word he gave us for this greater seeking is chaskikuy, which means being the star within us, studying and embracing that divine blueprint within, the light of your own star.

If anything, I came away more committed to this utterly beautiful path of the Andean Cosmology. I am also beginning to realize just how committed one must become in order to begin to have the slightest awareness of these energies. It happens poco a poco, little by little. Or, in Quechua, as-asllamanta. With each small practice, each silent sitting, each connection to an energy, we grow our capacity and increase our ability to move into this pacha, this time/place of being totally connected to the pachawan kausay. No practice is wasted; it all contributes. Our capacity opens from the inside-out; its more rather like phasing into a parallel universe than *doing* anything specific; this pacha is available to us — we need only prepare ourselves for it to receive us.

We are Light.
Not this crude matter.