Clearing Your Body's Hucha the Easy Way

In my last post about bioenergies and why it is necessary to tend them, I talked about the dense, unmetabolizable human energy that the Andean paqos call hucha. Its opposite is a vibrant, sparkling, life-giving energy called sami.

We generate hucha, and it builds up in our energetic bubble, our poq'po, the bubble of energy that surrounds our bodies. Think 'aura'. Our poq'po and its state have a lot to do with how we accumulate or leak power, and how we use that power. It also informs our thoughts and our actions. It's good to have a clean bubble!

Simple hucha-clearing meditations involve merely being in contact with the Earth for a period of time. Here is a beautifully simple hucha-clearing meditation on the Salka Wind Blog that you can do, written by veteran Andean Cosmovision seeker, Oakley Gordon. He also has an informative post about hucha, and in it he notes that hucha is neither 'evil' nor 'negative'. One of the hallmarks of the Andean Cosmovision is that it is all about exploration of what is helpful and what is not helpful, rather than 'right' or 'wrong'. If you are interested, his book with all of his meditations and practices is available for purchase. 

Hucha is described as 'heavy', 'chaotic', 'unmetabolizable' energy. It is energy that our bodies and energy systems have difficulty processing. It can make us cranky, irritable, churlish, angry, and violent. It can create illness in our bodies. We create hucha, much like we exhale carbon dioxide, a non-metabolizable gas. When hucha builds up in our poq'po, we get confused, out of sorts, or seriously ill, depending on the degree of build-up. Hucha gets generated when we are out of harmony with each other, and with the Pachamama; I think of it as the parts of us that we grind away as a result of this self-created friction. 

My teacher has told us many times that it is good to clear one's hucha at least every 10 days. For those of us using technology often, or working with clients, he advises hucha-clearing far more often, once every five to seven days. In Andean ceremony or healing, clearing hucha is the first thing that is done. When I was in Peru, we did this a lot, because apparently we were a hucha-laden bunch!

The good news is that when we release the hucha we have created to the Pachamama, she gives us back life-giving sami energy as a result; we are renewed and revitalized! It's like exhaling carbon dioxide that, were it to build up would poison us, only to be given life-giving oxygen in return. Trees take our CO2 and give us back O2. Pachamama takes our hucha and gives us back sami. Win-win-win all around!

Fortunately, this is relatively easy; it mostly is a matter of time to do it. So, go outside and talk to the Pachamama. Ask her, very sweetly and kindly, to please clear your hucha and reset your energies to the pristine version of them that she originally created. Spend an hour doing this. Believe me, it feels really good.