Deciding and Dreams

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What future are you avoiding because you haven't yet made the decisions that will lead you there?

Are you afraid? Me, too!

I had a dream two nights ago, and in my dream, I was looking at a snippet of assembler language code called a jump table. The jump table was very, very important and had a lot of energy around it. 

When I woke up, I had no idea why this was so important. So, I re-entered the dream to find out why this was so important.

Turns out, jump tables are little compact packets of energy which propel you toward your targets and goals in a quick, easy way. Think of each entry in a jump table as super-duper hyperlink on a web page. If the link itself could take you with it, that's what this jump table was like! They get you where you want to go, pronto!

When I think of a jump table in terms of my life desires, the short term target/activity is the link which contains within it the seeds, energy and life-force of your longer-term goal, the thing your soul is yearning for and doesn't know how to get to yet. The link is the one-step activity of the "how".

This dream and the post I wrote the other day about Decisions made me sit down and think: where do I want to be in 5 years? In 10 years?

I ended up writing my own jump table of very short term targets, and then highlighted them by pointing to the longer-term targets that could result from me accessing that one link:

short-term activity -->> LONG TERM LIFE GOAL
language fluency -->> TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, TRANSLATING
build money savvy -->> SAVINGS, COMFORT, HOME

It's like a mini goal list, but each piece has as much juice in it that I can muster, and in one easy visual, it reminds me of why I spend time and effort on these things every day.

That dream has certainly grown corn in my waking life. And so has the Jump Table I pasted to my monitor.

Write your own jump table!