Listening to the World, continued ...

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In my last post about Listening to the World, I encouraged you to expand your understanding of spirit-speak, and to begin listening to everything that is coming to you as if it were one long, on-going conversation with the World.

Yesterday, a friend sent an email which contained a detailed answer to a question I had posed to an on-line working group that I'm a part of. This answer came many days after my initial question was posed to the group.

The timing was exquisite, however: I had been musing about this very subject, an energetic phenomenon which I'd experienced but didn't quite have a handle on, and suddenly here was an answer. A very detailed answer.

The timing part is this: in today's constellation workshop we delved into this phenomenon quite deeply, as two participants brought versions of this phenomenon to the group.

There is a saying something like this:

"The mills of the gods grind slowly,
but they grind exceeding fine."

                       ~Sextus Empiricus, 3rd cent. CE

In my case, it seems to mean also that the conversations that the gods and Spirits are having with us go very slowly ... BUT there is so much packed content that it carries quite a wallop when we finally get it.

Sometimes the lag between the moment when we utter a question or ponder it in our heads, and the time when we receive our answer is long. Sometimes there is no lag at all. Sometimes, the answer comes in waves, over time.

It always comes.

Once you've set the mill of the gods in motion, be on the lookout: your answer will likely be very fine, indeed. You can bet it's going to be a doozy.