Big Dream: Quechua at Pomacanchi

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This dream was given to me when I was on my first trip to Peru to study with my teacher, Adolfo. We were camping on lake Pomacanchi, the largest inland lake in Peru, and a sacred site. I took this sunrise picture from our camp site.

I and several of my father's former students are gathering to celebrate his retirement from his conducting career. There is going to be a big concert, and we are all singing. I notice that many of his very best voice students are here, and I start to become really impressed and also a bit nervous.

One of his best singers finds me and casually asks, "so, have you been practicing?", to which I reply, "nah. I figure I can sight-read this easily enough." He gives me a look that is both disbelief and pitying.

I hear another of his very, very good students warming up in the studio, and I think, "i need to get a score!", so I find one. When I open the score, I see that it's in a notation that I have never seen before. I quickly realize that this notation conveys far more nuance than modern music notation, and that there's no way in hell that I'm ready to participate in this piece. I really panic now, and start scrambling all over the music library trying to find a score in a notation system that I can actually read

and then I wake up. Fully awake in the middle of the night. I know immediately what this is about: it's about the Spirits wanting me to learn Quechua, the language of the Andean paqos. At breakfast the next morning, I relate my dream to him with no commentary. He asks me if I know what this means, and I say I think the Spirits want me to learn Quechua. He agrees, and then begins talking about the language and how it is constructed. 

What my teacher says about Quechua is that, like sanskrit, the language contains sacred sounds which contain the seeds of creation and manifestation in this reality. I once had a fellow tell me that each sanskrit syllable is a seed syllable which, when uttered, goes into the cosmic void and returns with a manifest thing which matches that syllable. My Peruvian teacher says much the same thing, that Quechua is a creational, energetic language which creates change in this reality. Our words create our reality.

The Quechua that exists now is the remnant of what the common people spoke in the Incan empire, and is now commonly called 'runa simi', the people's language, or literally, "people's mouth". There was a version of the language, Qhapaq simi, 'the noble tongue', that was much, much more flowery and which was reserved to be spoken only by the Incan royalty. Royalty had the utmost power of creation. Their speech contained the highest creative magic, and was thus reserved for them. An example of this is the word 'alpaca', the people's speech word. The royalty speech word for the same animal is, "allpakamasqa", which clearly contains a whole lot more of something.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
-- Mahatma Ghandi

I would add to this that our emotions become our beliefs.

The Helping Spirits showed me once in a meditation that our energetic content, the emotions we fill ourselves with and the power behind it, ripple out from us into the world, affecting everything. Just as we, ourselves, are affected by the emotional and energetic ripples of everyone else. Robert Moss, dream worker extraordinaire, states that the act of naming something actually brings it into creation in this reality. Therefore, speech that is backed by strong intention and conscious life-force is incredibly powerful, indeed.

How often do we really think about this? How often to we just connect our emotions to our mouths and let fly? What kinds of ripples are we sending out? What is it, then, that we are creating?

Anchatam añanchakuyki (thank you very much) for reading! I honor this dream and this message from the spirits of the Andean Cosmology by studying Quechua, and by constantly striving to learn more about this beautiful tradition and practice. I also honor this dream and the messages from the spirits by taking more conscious care with my own energies and with my own words.

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