Listening to the World

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We receive messages and signs all the time; the world is speaking to us. Are we listening?

For the past decade, I’ve been practicing shamanism in the ways that I was taught by my teachers. At first, I was told to keep my ‘intuition’ separate and not bring that into my shamanic work because it would ‘taint the answers’.

Then, I began working with teachers who really use their intuition and ‘psychic’ gifts all the time. I learned how to begin paying attention to my body, and to actually listen to what it was telling me, moment to moment. I found that I was getting a lot of information, all the time; I had been in the practice of discarding most of this information because I told myself that it was ‘fanciful’ and just the product of my very active imagination.

Through the course of my studies, I gradually began to learn that my entire sensorium, ‘imagination’ included, is all valid input that is indeed useful and can be read and understood, given time and the patience to notice, catalog, and unravel its mysteries. What I had formerly classed as ‘imagination’ was instead accurate, literal reporting.

A bit after this, I was introduced to Constellations, and found that what my body reported things in very specific ways that I had not yet cataloged.

The mystery deepened.

And then, my life-long interest in dreams was rekindled and I found that I already had some really, really useful books on hand, written by the intrepid dream explorer, Robert Moss, which I could work with immediately. As is my way, I ordered several more. In one of these books, “Sidewalk Oracles”, Moss says something that I didn’t understand at first, but which has become vital in these last few days: “marry your field”.

What the hell?

I went back and read this portion of the book, and when I set the book down, it fell open to a portion about journaling, which I do frequently, but not really daily. My OCD streak loves it when I compartmentalize and put things in boxes, and this has been no different in my journals: I recently went back and printed spine titles for all of my journals, complete with dates and contents and what class notes they contained. Here’s the compartmentalizing part: I tend to keep class notes in my journals, but leave the daily notes for a whole different journal, keeping them separate. And therefore harder to correlate.

Moss says, put it all in one place. Gather your dreams, the signs that the world is giving you, the kledons that you hear by chance from others as if they were messages from the gods straight to your heart. Type all of this up so that you can search it, and you will be amazed at what the universe has already been telling you.

Of course! Marry them all into one information stream! I don’t know why I thought that keeping them separate and orderly was better, honestly. This has always been a case of push-pull with me: I love having orderly notebooks; it feeds my need for order for order’s sake. But where did that little wisp of poetry go that I wrote down in a book somewhere? Having to look through three or four other journals from the same time period is exhausting and frustrating.

Marry my field. Dive into it. And be one with it. Put all of the pieces together into one whole.

I finally realized what he was saying, and it was so obvious, I didn’t know how I’d missed the nut of it: nothing is separate; all of these separate experiences are part of this one, seamlessly connected life.

For fun, I decided to go back to my first shamanic journals and begin typing them in. In the transcripts of my very first three journeys I ever recorded in 2005, I found allusions to things that have come to pass in my life since. I did the same thing with my oldest dream journal from 1988: dreams I was having then were telling me, as clearly as they could, about what would happen in the next decade to come.

Moss says that when you begin journaling in this way, you discover that you have built for yourself the finest spiritual lexicon of your personal symbols that you could ever want for yourself. When you search for symbols that seem important to you today, you find that they’ve been showing up for you for many, many years. Even with only two days at typing in the old notes, I am seeing this all over the place!

Whatever it is, marry your field. Journal. Listen to what the world is telling you. Go all in!

When the universe knows that you are listening,
It gives you more.

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