Curses, Hexes and Whammies

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One of the things I have been trained in extensively is curse unraveling. Curses, hexes, whammies, the "evil eye", have been written about since mankind has had language. They are very old magic. They are still very prevalent today in many parts of the world.

The Anatomy of a Curse
A curse is actually a very simple thing, yet curses can appear to be very complicated. Curses are energetic constructs which warp time and space affecting events, emotions, thinking, actions. They consist of:

* Intention
* Fuel; life-force
* Target

Since they are created, they can be un-created, unraveled.

What's the motivation?
Why do people create curses? Simple: Envy. Greed. Jealousy. Anger. In some cases, mere irritation. Curses come from the all-too-human desire to have one-up on our neighbor. The need to squash or crush someone else's good fortune. The warped need to see someone else suffer.

Complex electromagnetic field

When I was first learning about curses, I began visualizing a curse to be a field akin to a magnetic field: you can't see it, but you can definitely feel it. Even though invisible, some magnetic fields are incredibly powerful. The outlines of a field can be mapped if you know how. We use iron filings to render the contours of a magnetic field visible. A curse's field is mapped by what it does and by how it impacts the lives of those it is attached to. When there is an inexplicable pattern of events surrounding a person, there might just be a curse at work.

I have personally worked with several people who have been professionally cursed (I was caught in a professional curse, too, and it was pretty awful!), or were caught in an ancestral curse affecting their family lines. In many cultures, professional cursing is still life-as-usual today. In each case, these curses were carefully constructed, often including a physical 'packet' to visibly let the intended victim know that they had been cursed. I have also worked with individuals in the grip of a curse that was created and sent unknowingly. In the latter cases, the 'caster' was a person who had strong abilities in this direction due to ancestry. For these kinds of folk, simply having a thought (intention) about someone (target) and backing it with strong emotion (life force) is enough to set a curse field. I come from such a family, and I am still learning to be careful with what I think and how much energy I put behind my thoughts about others. Fortunately, this is not common.

Remember that curses are energies, and energies are mostly invisible to our naked eyes. It wasn't that long ago that humans didn't believe in X-Rays, electrical fields, magnetic fields, or in the immense effects of gravity at a distance to affect planetary orbits. And yet, all of these things exist: observing and mapping their behavior was our first step at beginning to understand these forces. We now regularly use X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, electricity, magnetic and electrical fields in modern life. We don't necessarily know how they work, but we've found ways to use them and to shield ourselves from overexposure. Think of this: radiation that is used in the treatment of cancer is invisible, yet its effects are permanent and highly visible on the body, and deadly to the targeted cancer cells.

Curiously, disbelief in the existence of curses doesn't affect the curse's effectiveness, nor does it offer protection. As an analogy, I can refuse to believe in the existence or potency of Mack trucks. Nevertheless, a Mack truck will still kill me if I walk in front of one when it is traveling at high speed. I find it interesting that many, many people believe in the world-shaping power of prayer, yet can't embrace belief in the power of curses. Both of these practices shape our world. I'll speak more about methods of protection in a later post, but what I will say now is that true protection is part of one's daily discipline of developing and holding constant intentions about one's sovereignty and energetic boundaries. Being a person of power is a rigorous endeavor!