Building Excellent Relationships

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For many years, I've been asking the Helping Spirits about relationships, and specifically about how to build good ones. Here is what they said:

Relationship is conversation. It is built little by little, over time. Each time we interact with a person, place, or Being, we exchange minute, spider-thin fibers of connection. Over time, these fibers create thick bundles, cords or ropes of connection. These bundles of all our past interactions are our pathways of connection; our energies are exchanged along this conduit.

Whenever we think of that person, say something about them, say something to them or interact in an exchange, we add a fiber to our mutual bundle.

As each fiber is created, it is imbued with all of the energies of that particular interaction: anger, fear, love, compassion, indifference, hate, dismissal. These are the energies that this fiber is resonant to.

We are building a musical instrument between us on which our conversations can resonate. The most powerful and resonant and tuneful fibers are created with love, great attention, trust, and compassion. The least powerful fibers are those created in moments of idleness and mis-attention.

The quality and strength of that conversation, the beauty of the tune that our bundle can carry, is dependent on how we create and tune each individual fiber.

This bundle, this connection of fibers is also a pathway through which power can flow. For a person of Power, this is important: depending on how much power the bundle can hold, these connections can mean the difference between life or death. We create relationships with the world, friends and family, the Pachamama, our Power Animals and Teachers and Guides, and having good, strong connections is advantageous. If we don't know our neighbors, they won't be very inclined to come to help us when we cry out in need. If we've woven strong bonds that are clear and loving, help is always very near, indeed.

Build mindfully and with care :-)