Curses, Hexes and Whammies: The Unraveling

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As I mentioned in my previous post about Curses, Hexes and Whammies, these are energetic bundles which are created. If it is created, it can be un-created.

NB: this is not a how-to course on curse unraveling. That is beyond the scope of one blog post. If you are serious about learning how to unravel curses safely, contact me and we'll talk; I'm happy to teach you what I know.

Curses, Hexes, Whammies, Spells; all are made up of these three things:

* Intention
* Fuel
* Target

When the three weird sisters say, "Peace! The charm’s wound up." in Macbeth (act 1, scene 2), they really mean it. When fuel is added to the mix of intention + target, it is as if someone has wound the spring of a mechanical toy: the thing is "wound up" sort of like those old joy-buzzers that you could get; when wound, you're just waiting for someone to press that button and activate it. The fuel "runs" the curse for as long as the fuel lasts.

I envision a curse as spacetime being "warped" by the caster's intention, and the fuel keeps the spacetime warping in place. The quality and strength of this warping is what makes things go wrong for the target, and for anyone caught in it. They are not fun, especially when you realize that the intention with which a curse is created is usually to make things go badly for someone else.

Fuel for a curse/hex/charm is akin to a wound metal spring: powerful and capable of doing work. If you've ever taken apart a machine that contains one of these springs, a clock or a lawnmower with a pull string, you know that it is very important to do this safely: depending on how the spring is made, if its potential energy is released all of a sudden, it's going to hurt whoever is nearby. You also know that the machine or toy will no longer function without its spring, its power source. This is the principle of unraveling a curse: taking away the fuel, and then completely dismantling every other part of it.

When a curse, hex, spell, whammie, whatever you want to call it, is cast, the caster's life-force is its primary fuel. The caster may be able to add other fuels, such as the life-force of an animal that has been sacrificed for that particular purpose. It happens. Even today. All types of life-force fuels can be used to power a curse, depending on the abilities, knowledge and experience of the caster. Each type of fuel must be removed individually in order to completely deactivate a curse.

Frequently, these constructs are targeted at families or family lines, or in such ways that time and multiple generations are involved. Multi-generational curses can be more involved and can require a bit more research and work due to their layered nature and effects. Curses can be "re-energized" at intervals, and they can also be looked after, tended, by the caster.

Curses, just like other things in life, tend to attract other energetic phenomena over time, drawing other energetic fields to them. They attract other curses and curse-like energies, and given sufficient time, create their own energetic ecosystems. You can think of this sort of like gravity: other curses get pulled into the orbit of the first one, and they tend to cling together in a cluster. Because of this, over time a curse can begin to act a little differently than it was originally intended to. Clearing one of these is like popping a bubble in a cluster: when you pop one, another bubble takes its place until they are all gone. Sometimes this has to be done in stages over a number of days.

But here's the thing: the caster is always connected to the original curse by his or her own life force which was used as the initial fuel. That's why professional "cursers" in many cultures use additional sources of life-force -- usually they use their clients' own life force, and a lot of it! -- so that they can use a minimum of their own. If you suspect that you are a person who is talented in this direction, and who has the innate or ancestral ability to put curses in place (remember, a great many of these get placed unknowingly by the caster), then you can sincerely ask that any of your energies which may be adversely affecting anyone else be released and returned to you. It's a great idea to also ask that this energy be cleansed before you get it back! You don't want a repeat of whatever angry or anxious thought you had when you were unknowingly flinging it out there.

There's a lot more to know about these kinds of phenomena, and I'm still learning, myself. I fortunately had a great teacher who taught me all of the important groundwork in a safe way from the start! In my practice, I've seen and unraveled professional curses from several cultures, and I've unraveled many more from our own culture that were put in place by people who didn't know that they were doing something so damaging.

So, please be kind in your thinking and in your daily energy hygiene. "Pushing" your anger and energies at someone, say, in traffic, actually can affect them.