Shamanic Healing: Something for Everyone

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Shamanic healing is humanity's oldest form of spiritual healing. It treats concerns of the spirit and repairs dysfunctions of the body's energetic system. Shamanic healing restores vitality and essence and helps you to clarify your life's purpose in this earthwalk. Since physical pain is sometimes a symptom of an underlying spiritual malady, addressing dis-ease in the spiritual energy system can often also bring about reductions and/or cessation of pain and discomfort in the physical body.

How does it do this? Shamanic healing is energy medicine in a very big sense. The broad categories of its many varied modalities can be grouped by function:

* removing inappropriate energies from the spiritual energy system
* restoring missing or inaccessible energies to the spiritual/ancestral energy system
* releasing us from the effects of entangling energetic snarls in the spiritual energy system

Shamanic healing includes other things, too, but these are the major ways in which the shamanic practitioner does his or her work.

"I just can't get rid of this pain!"
In the "removing inappropriate energies" category of shamanic healing modalities, the shamanic practitioner uses the art of Extraction to remove energies from our energy systems which don't belong. Sometimes these are "energetic intrusions"; energies "darted" - flung with anger or high emotion -  into the energy system of a person by others either on purpose or, more often, accidentally. We can pick up intrusions when others are experiencing frustration and anger, as in heavy traffic, or in arguments. We can also cause our own intrusions. Judgmental thoughts about our own bodies backed by strong emotion can cause self-intrusions to appear in our energy systems. Intrusions can cause intractable pain and discomfort that can not be resolved by conventional medical means. Extraction of energetic intrusions can bring resolution to both intractable pain and the carrying of painful memories and self-judgments.

"I've just never been the same since ______!"
In the "restoring missing or inaccessible energies" category of shamanic healing modalities, the shamanic practitioner brings back vital essence to our energy systems which ought to be there, but are not. The most common form of this type of shamanic healing is Soul Retrieval. Life crises, shocks, and traumas can cause part of our soul, our vital essence, to flee and to become inaccessible to us. With it goes our vitality, and sometimes our memories of the event and the ability to process through it to find resolution. Soul Retrieval is the art of finding, healing, and bringing back that vital essence which has fled. When soul essence gets returned, we can enjoy feelings of vitality, clarity, wholeness, and clearer and more accessible memories of past events. Soul Retrieval literally puts us back together again and reunites us with the vitality we've been missing. In addition to Soul Retrieval, other shamanic healing methods can restore links to our natural sources of energy and inspiration.

"This thing keeps happening to me!"
Lastly, we come to the "releasing us from the effects of energetic snarls" category of shamanic healing modalities. Releasing the energetic snarls is one of the more interesting and immediately apparent methods of shamanic healing, for we can be immediately released from unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior that have settled in our lives and have lingered there. These energetic snarls can be localized in the present, or more commonly, they originate in our past or in the past of our family history. This kind of snarl can show up as a curse-like or an oath energy, and it can also show up as lingering unfinished business, either from our ancestors, or from a past life. For energetic snarls, the shamanic practitioner journeys to find the point in time where the snarl began, and then works to untangle and un-knotthese energies, freeing us from having to repeat patterns of thinking and behaving which are not helping us. Unraveling these snarls can bring clarity of purpose and relief from patterns of thinking and being which are life-denying.

There are many other ways in which shamanic healing can take form. Reconnecting us to the beauty and the energies of the Earth and the world around us is one such profound way. Shamanic healing brings a new understanding of ourselves and of our earthwalk, our journey through life. It can be a beautiful adjunct to all other forms of healing which you currently pursue, bringing tranquility, new reserves of energy and power, and clarity of purpose and mind.

Jeffrey RIch, LMT 656, is a shamanic practitioner with almost two decades of experience working with clients. He lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. Contact him at For more information about shamanism and shamanic healing, visit his web site at