Building Excellent Relationships, continued

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I wrote my initial post on creating excellent relationships in response to a question from a client. She was describing a difficult relationship she had with one of her clients, which prompted me to take the issue to the Helping Spirits for answers. Her questions included, "why is our relationship so difficult?", "why does she always treat me badly?", and "why does it seem so hard to change the mean energy in this relationship?" Their explanation appears in my original post.

The essence of this that the Helping Spirits showed me was about the qualities of the cords that we create. As we lay down each fiber of connection, our energetic makekup in that one moment gets built into that fiber and dictates the spectrum of energies it can carry between us. When we create with indifference, hurt, or anger, we create a pathway which will be perfectly tuned to carry the energies of - you guessed it - indifference, hurt, and anger. My client's question was, how does this one particular person have the kind of access she has to me when no one else seems to? 

The answer lies in the hundreds of interactions and their inherent intentions they were each holding when they built their connecting cord together. Their cord is tuned to those frequencies, and that's what they will easily be able to continue to give and receive in the relationship. Not that love cannot flow along fibers created with anger - it can! But that is harder along this cord. Filaments created with great love and care are thousands of times more capable of carrying the energies of love and compassion than those created with any other intention. Each filament is a channel: we must take care when building our frequency sets. This is why my client has a troubling, difficult relationship with her client in turn: the filaments in their connection are optimally created to carry only difficult energies; their cord is not well-tuned to love and compassion, so it is harder to receive that broadcast. 

We can change the quality of a relationship through time and work and intention. Techniques of reconciliation, such as Ho'oponopono, systemic and family constellations, and Tupay - sacred meeting - transform existing filaments of connection to more loving, compassionate frequencies. The key here is acceptance and allowing: accepting completely each individual interaction between you, and hence the circumstances under which each unique filament was created.

Although it is wonderful when they do, this does not require the other person to change; they may never change. Can you accept that completely and fully? This journey may be yours and yours alone. Are you ready?