The benefits of a personal Energy practice

As a personal practice, some of the benefits of shamanism are

  • Connection; when we forge relationship with Nature and the Helping Spirits we discover that we are not alone.

  • Returns to us our own authentic spiritual roots. Shamanism is a spiritual practice without dogma; each of us discovers for ourselves.
  • Remember our rightful place in the Cosmos. If you were like me, as a younger man I didn't think that I belonged anywhere. There was no place that was mine. Shamanic Practice and my relationship with the Helping Spirits restored my knowing of who I am and how and why  I belong here.
  • Teaches us compassion for all Beings. When we talk to the trees, to the waters, to the sky directly, they tell us what they need and how. They tell us what we need and how. Gradually we learn how to interact with Nature, the Pachamama, and all of Her Beings in a Good Way.
  • Shamanism Literally re-creates you. Compassionate practices refine and re-make your energy system over time. Shamanism fosters calmness, being grounded, and increases the ability to handle stressful situations and difficult energies. Shamanism is excellent for grounding and dealing with stress.

The benefits of receiving shamanic healing

  • May improve inexplicable patterns of ill luck
  • Assist you in connecting with your natural sources of comfort, power, and Sacredness again
  • Return what you sense is missing
  • Clear unhelpful energies from you, your home, and your workplace
  • Clear unhelpful energies that are in your family system
  • Assist you in being more grounded in daily life
  • More able to maintain your focus and intentions in difficult situations
  • Increasing peace and tranquility


  • Unravel persistent, unhealthy patterns in you, or in your family system
  • Return hidden/missing vitality to you
  • Clear unhelpful energies from your body, your home, or your work
  • Cultivate a quieter, calmer living environment
  • Help you to understand the causes of these types of energetic disruption
  • Gives you the tools to become unavailable to these difficult energies

Shamanic healing is Available with Jeffrey in asheville, NC