Multi-Dimensional Space and Land Clearing

a 2-day workshop

This is an advanced shamanic workshop
Prerequisites: basic shamanic journey skills and good working relationship with your helping spirits.

This is a fun and experiential class that explores various methods for energetic clearing of auras, body energies, spaces, and objects.  Having methods for achieving the "cashmere touch" is essential for the person working with body energies and energy medicine, and being able to clear energetic imprints from homes, workspaces, businesses, and healing tools is essential.

In this course you will learn

  • Methods of Energetic Protection
  • Strengthening our connection to our True Selves
  • Techniques for clearing and refining your energy bubble
  • Techniques for clearing and cleansing spaces in homes, businesses, and healing spaces
  • Methods for inviting tranquility, calmness, and vibrancy into a space
  • Techniques for clearing and cleansing objects, projects,