Advanced Curse and Thoughtform Unraveling

a 2-day workshop

This is an advanced shamanic workshop
Prerequisites: basic shamanic journey skills and good working relationship with your helping spirits.

The energies of Curses, Thoughtforms and Oaths can affect our daily lives, and using curse energies against others is a frequent occurrence in our culture; we do it without knowing that we do.  Curses were regularly used in ancient times - and still are, to oftentimes devastating effect. This course explores the form and nature of more complex curses and oaths and binding spells fueled by and created in the names of gods and deities and gives methods for safely unraveling them.

In this course you will learn

  • Information about Curses, Oaths, and curse-like energetic constructs
  • Methods of Energetic Protection while working with Curses and Oaths
  • Strengthening our connection to our True Selves, the Divine Blueprint, shield from within
  • Methods for the safe unraveling of curses and curse-like constructs
  • Energetic methods to help heal and clear the aftereffects of curse energies
  • Methods for tracking curses and oaths back to their inception
  • Techniques for safely unraveling generational and past-life curses from people and from family lines
  • Information about Thoughtforms and how they differ from curse-like constructs
  • Methods for removing thoughtforms from places, people, and family lines