Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Systemic and Family Constellations Facilitator

I am Jeffrey Rich LMBT #16954, practitioner, author and educator in the healing arts, living and working in Asheville, NC. My 3,000+ hours of study and almost two decades' experience in the healing arts benefits you directly.

As I continue to learn and grow, I discover that some of our physical and spiritual symptoms come from outside us. They come from the energetic Fields we live and move in, particularly those of the family system and the Ancestors. I bring this knowing to my healing practice.  

More about my credentials and training ...

I practice massage in a quiet and professional setting. For fifteen years I practiced in medical settings, providing wellness massage for the public and for patients receiving and post cancer treatment.

Shamanic Clients Say:
"I believe that I was led to Jeffrey. I was very impressed by the information that he was able to discern from his journeying. He saw that an Ancestral curse was at work and that it didn’t belong to my family. Long story short, I began to see results. People started responding positively to me. My whole world has started to change for the better. I highly recommend working with Jeffrey if you are serious about positive transformation in your life." --S.C., Ohio

Constellation Workshop Participants Say:
"Would do it again and recommend it." Nov 2015
"Phenomenal! A very new and different healing modality." - November 2015
"Transformational." - November 2015

A Pioneer And Explorer

Being business partners with Judy Castrichini, LMT, at Orthopedic Massage Associates in Huntsville, AL was an honor. Judy and I were the first massage therapists in Huntsville to offer massage therapy in major medical settings. We worked in hospitals, medical offices, and local Hospice programs. We were among the first massage therapists to give massage to Oncology patients at Huntsville Hospital. For a decade and a half we brought massage therapy educators to Huntsville to benefit our community.

Judy and I worked with Hospice Family Care for many years. We provided massage therapy to many people leaving this life for their next adventure.

Healing and compassion are my business.

I love to find new techniques and find what works. I've been an explorer and pioneer all of my life, always looking for answers.

I am a man, on my Path, and willing to support you as you make your own journey. I claim nothing other than being human.

I constantly seek answers to why we have pain, and resolutions to the obstacles of our healing. Sometimes the answers lie in the physical, and sometimes they lie in the energetic. I use tools from all of the healing traditions to find these answers for you.

Photos of me on my trip to Peru in 2013 studying in the Sacred Valley of the Andes. What at trip of a lifetime! I hope to get back there soon :-)