We are embedded in ever-larger Fields of energy.

The Fields of Family, the Ancestors, Nature, and the Cosmos all affect our bodies


Let's help you understand how these Fields influence your life and your body. Let's free you from energetic blockages and to increase the flow of life-supporting Living Energy at all levels of your being. This relieves soft-tissue pain and increases your wellbeing. 


Everything is Energy. You are Energy. I am Energy.
Everything we see, touch, taste, smell, interact with is Energy.
It is the Universe of Living Energy. 

Harmonious energy exchange supports life and healthy wellbeing. Stuck, incompatible energy produces pain, weakness, dysfunction and disease.


 Together let's look at how ALL of these Fields influence you.

Let's get your Living Energy flowing in harmonious exchange with the universe of living energies all around us. 

Jeffrey Rich, LMBT #16954

Jeffrey Rich, LMBT #16954